saturday confessions

good morning y'all.

i'm sipping on my green smoothie and feeling smugly good about it because even if i eat not one more morsel of healthy food today at least i've had my green smoothie.

i realize that's totally twisted and can't even be remotely true, but it's working for me.

i've also had too large mugs of coffee so this post may be interesting.

i think i'm typing faster.

scott is in the midst of a softball tournament this morning and i am the not so dutiful wife sitting at home not cheering him on. but he's totally okay with that. which is nice. because of his neck surgery he had to sit out from softball this summer and has only recently been able to return to the field, but then half his team had to bail for this that and the other so it hasn't been quite the stellar return he was hoping for.

annelise is over at her pappo and grandma's house and is having the time of her life ruling the roost i'm sure. she hasn't had a sleepover in several weeks and was chomping at the bit to haul her little self over there. or ride her bike. whichever.

i hesitate to tell y'all this, since admitting you're just watching tv and typing a blog post on a beautiful saturday morning while sipping a green smoothie sounds so incredibly lazy and pointless, but i'm all kinds of hooked on the show damages right now. streaming netflix is a joy. and a curse. but have y'all seen it? glenn close is scary. and fascinating. my head is spinning with all the intrigue and mind games and lies and paranoia and murder.

it's good.

i love tv shows (and movies) set in new york. the city is like another character. sometimes that fact alone is what keeps me watching. mad men (when oh when will it return?), white collar, suits (i only saw a couple of episodes but liked it), and now damages are some ny faves. oh, scott and i started watching (well, dvr-ing) person of interest and prime suspect which are also set in ny.

we haven't added too many new shows to our already tight tv/dvr schedule this season. along with person of interest and prime suspect*, we added the x factor after friends raved about it. now we're hooked. in other shocking news, we broke up with dwts. it's true. no more sequins and spray tans two nights a week. and that's okay, our dvr stays busy without the body glitter. we have dishnetwork, which we're quite happy with, that is until there is a conflict and both tuners are busy recording and scott loses all ability to channel surf (oh the humanity!) or we have to drop a show because we can only record two at a time.

i know, first world problems, right?

scott's dream is to someday get att&t uverse so we (he) has plenty of dvr recording options and not lose the apparently essential freedom to channel surf.

yesterday i had a sudden urge to do something crafty. something involving burlap and ribbon and hot glue and pins. i may have even had the urge to do two crafty somethings.

but then i realized this urge would also require a trip to hobby lobby and home depot in order to come to fruition and i had to shut it down.

there's no way i'm heading into either one of those places on a saturday.

i'm rescheduling my crafty urge for early next week instead.

now i have plenty of time for damages.

happy weekend y'all!

*in the spirit of full bloggy disclosure i should tell you that i started watching ringer because i'm a semi-closeted buffy the vampire slayer fan and have a soft spot for sarah michelle gellar. and switched twin identities shrouded in mystery and intrigue with a side of cheese. oh, it's set in new york too. win-win.


  1. I am so sad we gave up dvr when we gave up our cable package! I only watched a few hours of tv a week but I do miss those hours.

    I'm with you on the green smoothies, as you know. If I can get my kids to have a cup of spinach with their breakfast then at least if they eat some trash throughout the day I can feel like I did my part, serving a healthy breakfast. I make ours with spinach, acai, orange juice, sun warrior protein powder, and one other fruit (usually a kiwi, some strawberries, or a peach).

  2. I should check out Damages. My new fave this season is Revenge. The houses are eye candy, but the story is intriguing. We have the same problem with our DVR. Poor hubby can't watch the news sometimes because I have shows that tape on EST......I always hear about that one.

  3. Glad you are on the X Factor wagon with us! You will so happy!

    toot toot!

    I am also having a lazy Saturday. Why don't ya come over? :)

    Oh, and DWTS...yeah, we broke up too. I recorded it watched it when I felt the urge so it wasn't that hard to break up with. This season I haven't ever recoreded it.

    Bye, bye DWTS.

  4. well, poo. Can't spell today. I really do know how to spell recorded. hahahaha

    I have also had two cups of coffee and my mind is working faster than my fingers.


    Promise, no more posts from me today.

  5. Do tell... Why the breakup with dwts? I was always on the fence about it but really like it this season. I think it's the side entertainment and special guests that make it good this time.

  6. Do tell... Why the breakup with dwts? I was always on the fence about it but really like it this season. I think it's the side entertainment and special guests that make it good this time.

  7. Jillian: None of the *celebrity* dancers were appealing to us this season. I do miss Maksim though. :)

  8. We love Mad Men! Still on season 4, likely to finish right before Season 5 airs. I don't know if we'll watch it live or wait for it to stream on Netflix though. With all the sports happenings around here we don't have a ton of time for shows lately. Now with Biggest Loser back and the Office and Community we are pretty much booked. If we ever finish Mad Men I will start watching Friday Night Lights!

  9. if it helps scott, uverse only allows you to record to HD shows at once and if both are recording you cannot channel surf. Their advertising is deceptive with "record 4 shows at once" - that's only if they are not HD. on another note, i've gone through all 10 seasons of friends during the 2 am feedings the last 6 weeks! i love tv shows too.


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