What I Wore Wednesday

Are y'all sitting down?

Thanks to my re-re-re-commitment (honestly, I've lost track of how many times I've fallen off the wagon) to What I Wore Wednesday I managed to get myself together and document this feat with photos almost every day last week.

I know!

Nothing too fancy, nothing really new, nothing really fashion forward, but still dressed enough to show an effort was made. Yes, this is a big deal, y'all.

Wednesday: school drop off, early bird matinee date with hubby to see the new Footloose, errands, church that night, etc.
rose-mauve-y bubble tank: Stein Mart
grey boyfriend cardigan & silver ballet flats: Target
jeans: Banana Republic

Thursday: So I wore my workout clothes most of the day--and never worked out--and then finally got myself together for school pick-up and dance. Not the most intentional day.
beige asymmetrical tank: TJ Maxx (or was it Marshall's? I forget)
grey layering tank: Old Navy
grey boyfriend cardigan (again), jeans and leopard ballet flats: Target
initial necklace: The Vintage Pearl
I've made a promise to myself to wear what I have more often and no longer (or at least not that often, hey, I am a girl after all) give into those feelings of I can't bear it one more day without something new, in other words, practice contentment. I'd been coveting chunky flower rings but decided I'd be just as happy wearing my three Dianne Malouf rings more often. And I am.

Friday: (early release day from school) afternoon showing of Dolphin Tale, early Tex-Mex supper and stops by Hobby Lobby and Goodwill.
orange flower-y top: Stein Mart
brown layering tank & necklace: Target
jeans: Lucky
brown bling-y flip flops: Yellow Box
polish: Devil's Advocate by Essie (a black with a hint of burgundy)
I pinned my bangs over with two bobby pins in an effort to tame them. Cute? Not so much?

Sunday: church, lunch, etc.
dress & mustard flats: Target
 mustard rosette necklace: Allora Handmade
Yes, I know there is no mustard anywhere in this dress, but I went out on a limb with a punch of color.
I am a rebel.

Monday: (school holiday) family breakfast at IHOP (translation: throw on some clothes and go)
grey tank & white top: Target
olive distressed khakis: Old Navy
grey Chucks: Dillard's

I hate to leave y'all with such a blah last outfit, but such is the bitter truth. And no, there are no photos documenting Saturday or Tuesday. Trust me, this is a good thing.

So to recap:
* this week was waaay better than last week, with 5 or 6 outfits to last week's, um...1
* we saw two movies last week (what in the world?)
* I always, always pose the same way
* yawn
* I'd like to take some photos outside but the mosquitoes are taking no prisoners around here lately
* I really, really like my grey boyfriend cardigan
* I'm trying to practice contentment
* It's not as easy as it sounds
* and yes, I have a muffin top (loaf?) and we ate at IHOP
* getting myself together really makes for an all around better day (even though I know this, I forget)

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  1. All very cute outfits. I love the pop of yellow you incorporated wit the dress:)

  2. If that is your version of throw on clothes and go, I would like to see when you go all out, you look great.

    Super outfits, and super cute hair by the way!

  3. Love all your WIWW. I have the cutest friend! For reals! BTW, I meant to tell you Sunday how cute you looked with your pop of yellow. Sorry we missed each other! Also, I love sitting behind you and watching Annelise! I love that girl....

  4. Can I just copy & paste your post?? Haha..I feel the exact same :) You're adorable, love how your layer and your pops of color..so cute!
    Saw your comment on FVL about the Toms, and YES they're SO comfy! More comfy than Chucks for sure! Try em on..you might be suprised! I have the silver ones :)

  5. cute outfits!!! I love the yellow with your dress!!!

  6. The colors you chose are all really great with your complexion. I love that orange top!!! I always love orange on other people, but I don't wear it much myself. I'm feeling quite inspired here.

    Sounds like a busy and full week - it's fun to look cute while you are so on the go!


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