11.1.11 {and a random act of kindness challenge}

Hello November.
And welcome.

Have I told y'all that I love, love, love the month of November?

I do.

And this love may or may not stem from the fact that my birthday is in November.

Don't get me wrong, I love the fall-ish weather, the changing colors, Thanksgiving and all its trimmings too, but I tend to put my birthday at the top of the list. As you do.

It's the 22nd, just in case you want to mark your calendars. Go ahead. I'll wait.

This year I have a wild hair plan to make my birthday even more awesome.

And I kind of need your help.

First, grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite beverage) and read about how this clever woman celebrated her birthday by doing 38 random acts of kindness. No really, read it, yes, go ahead, you'll feel all inspired and goose-bumpy with happiness.

See, I told you so.

Because I am a shameless copycat, I decided I must celebrate my birthday in the same way.

Except I'm turning 43, so I'll need to do at least 43 random acts of kindness (RAoKs).

Won't that be fun??!?!?

The truth is though I've never been super swell at doing things like this. I mean, I do nice things sometimes but they are usually for friends or family, and maaaaybe the occasional stranger, but my biggest pitfall is I think about doing nice, thoughtful things and that's as far as I take it.

So I'm taking it to the blog for accountability.

And your ideas.

What kinds of things should I do? What would you do? Anything I should no-way-no how attempt to do?


I'd love your input.
For realsies.

I don't think I'll wait to try and do them all in one day (on my birthday), because that might be overwhelming, but on the days leading up to it (remember, it's the 22nd) and save a few special ones to do on my birthday too and then of course document my RAoK adventures here on the blog.

Whaddya think?

AND guess what? You know what might make this even more awesome?

If y'all join me, you know, virtually, and do some RAoKs sometime this month (or on the 22nd, whichever) in your neck of the woods and then tell us all about it here at a link-up party, on, wait for it... my birthday (11.22.11).

Wouldn't that be awesome?

(and the blog says amen)

I hope you'll join me!
For realsies.


  1. love november.
    love november birthdays.

    love doing random acts of kindness (but have never loved the abbreviation RAK...)

    i'm going to read up on this concept now!!

  2. I love this! I did read the original blog and I did almost cry. Oh to have a heart that loves and gives so freely. I will join you in RAK this month. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. woohoo! I'll help you. For realsies!

  4. You and Jane are birthday twins!!!

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  6. I love this! Robyn's post was awesome - thanks for sharing. I would love to join you in some random acts of kindness this month. Can't wait to read about all YOUR kindnesses. AND...would love to do this on my own birthday next month! Is it ok if I copy too? :)

  7. I will join ya! Me and my girl friends at church make homeless bags filled with a bible, crackers, water, trash bags and $5 gift cards for food and we give them out to the homeless at stop lights. You could also clean an elderly person's house for free. I started a cleaning ministry for the elderly at my church. Most times the house is already clean, they just enjoy my company. Theres tons of stuff you could do, my brain just froze with ideas I was thinking about, ha ha! Can't wait to see what you come up with!
    ~Molly P

  8. Oh YAY!! It makes me soooo happy to know others will be doing this with me this month!

    Thanks for joining in and for sharing some ideas.

    The more the merrier (people and ideas)!! Copycats unite, I say.

    Lelly: I changed it to RAoK, if that helps any. :) I'm not usually a fan of acronyms either.

  9. Hmm... I'll be 44 on 11.13.11. Maybe I could do them during my birthday week? Count me in! (and I'm re-upping my blog design and hope to be blogging again by dec 1).

  10. That's great Jillian! It'll be fun to celebrate our birthday weeks this way--watch out GA and TX!

    Glad to hear you'll be bogging again--you've been missed.

  11. I did RAOK for the past two years for my birthday and LOVE LOVE LOVEd every minute of it! Here is a link to my ideas:


    Seriously the BEST way EVER to spend a birthday!

  12. That's wonderful Shannon! I think this might become my new favorite way to celebrate my birthday. It's great you've done this for two years in a row. I'm clicking over to check out your ideas, thanks for sharing!

  13. So fun! My husband would have turned 43 on Nov. 4. He died two years ago from brain cancer.

    To celebrate his 43rd birthday, my children and I asked for help performing 43 acts of kindness. I've lost track of how many actually happened, but it's more than 200.

    You can find some great ideas from some really special people on my blog.


    Happy early birthday! -- Tyra


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