i had this whole other post thing going (with photos!) and when i opened it up to put some words with the photos i realized i had no inspiration in that particular direction tonight. maybe tomorrow.
do y'all ever open up your email and cringe?
tonight i cringed.
annelise just received her third birthday party invitation for this weekend. it's stacking up like jenga around here.
this particular party is going to be at a nail salon.
what the what?
they're 7 and 8.
i know, i need to chill, but i think that certain things should be waited for, anticipated, and looked forward to.
and prepositions shouldn't be left hanging at the end of sentences.
i know, i need to chill, but i think spa manicures and pedicures fall in the category of wait-until-you're-older, like a teenager at least. or older and you make your own money or it's a special, special occasion.
adult indulgences being tweaked to entertain children bug me.
i'm bugged.
why can't we let our little girls be little girls for as long as possible?


am i a freak-a-zoid?


  1. I TOTALLY get this. Definitely not a freak-a-zoid!

  2. I agree ~ you are not a freak-a-zoid!

  3. I totally agree! I got my first manicure/pedicure when I turned 30! I know that's on the late side of things but when I see young girls going to the salon all the time like it's something they should do it bugs me and I wonder what in the world their mothers are thinking!

  4. i agree!!! and you can tell how much i really needed to say that because i managed to actually leave a comment. :) but yep. little girls should not be growing up so fast.

  5. Well, I guess I've calmed down some. :)

    I'm not against the painting of nails, etc. at all, I just don't think young girls need to be exposed to all the fancy spa stuff at an early age. Home manis are fine for a good long while!

    I don't ever remember a birthday party like this when I was a kid. Ugh.

    Of course Annelise is super excited to go to this party, but she knows it's a one time, special thing.

  6. Birthday parties in general are out of control. We booked Jane's first 'big' party and she is turning 12. It is costing a fortune, but we figure it is her turn. It still kills me though. And they aren't doing nails.


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