Happy Thanksgiving

May your day be filled with yummy food and time with those you love. (!!)  Even if your meal includes popcorn, toast and jellybeans and you find yourself sitting at a ping-pong table after fighting a ornery folding chair, next to a chef-hat-bedecked beagle (with friends who invited themselves over, and I'm talking to you Peppermint Patty).

It's all good.
Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!

I'll be back soon(ish) with all the deets from a semi-spontaneous birthday trip and an update on my act of kindness challenge. I'm over 3/4 of the way toward my goal but I need a bit more time to wrap things up, so YOU can still join in the fun and do something--or several somethings--for others and then come back here and tell us about it in a few days. Won't that be fun? I can't wait to hear your stories!


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