Last weekend Annelise had two birthday parties at the Kemah Boardwalk. What are the odds, right? The first one was after school Friday, which is actually a nifty time for a party. They were in the party room at The Aquarium restaurant for a bit then, and then, they each got a wristband to ride unlimited rides on the Boardwalk.

I know! A kid's dream come true, right?

It was a lot of fun, but slap your granny it was COLD and we were not prepared for that. Who forgot about super cold windy wind blowing off the bay? Was it us?
Annelise's favorite ride was the mini-drop ride thing (think super mini-Tower of Terror or Dungeon Drop) because it bounced you bunches. She and her friends rode it on repeat. Even three and fourpeat.

I know I mentioned this in yesterday's post, and I realize I may have just scraped the bottom of the bloggy basement by bringing it up again, but I like easy meals that require not too many normal ingredients and are yummy, so now I'm showing you a photo of our Hawaiian chicken supper. Frozen chicken breasts or tenders, crushed pineapple and hawaiian BBQ sauce (I actually used marinade because HEB didn't have the other--c'mon HEB) and a Crock Pot = easy, tasty dinner.

I heart Pinterest.

I haven't made, sprayed, baked, printed, copied, sewn or arranged hardly any of the things I've pinned.

We're finally having another cold spell.

Like in the actual 40s (albeit briefly and before waking hours, but still).

It's so nice to snuggle up and feel all cozy.

Our cats agree.

And, for no apparent reason, I snapped a self-portrait yesterday while out and about.

I guess I've got my eye on you.

Happy weekend, y'all!

And don't forget to set your clocks back Saturday night.
(I love fall back, spring forward, well, notsomuch.)

I'm linking up once again with Jeannett, be sure to pop over to her place for more InstaFriday fun!
life rearranged

Stay tuned...next week kicks off this batch of awesomesauce:
happy day
Woo. And a hoo!


  1. I've tried 3 recipes I've found on Pinterest and have loved all 3! This week's recipe has been Baked potato soup! It is soooo yummy!

  2. How cool to get to go to two birthday parties like that! I got the stuff to make this meal tomorrow...I was desperate for easy and this one looks like it does the trick. Thanks for sharing!


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