While Annelise was at a birthday party at Mr. Gatti's last Saturday, Scott and I hopped across the street to 888 Bistro for an impromptu lunch date.
This was my fortune, which I liked. At first I took it to mean that little things can make a big impact, which fit nicely in my act of kindness challenge (to do at least 43 acts of kindness this month in honor of my birthday) and The Happy Day Project , then I wondered if it meant I tend to make mountains out of molehills. Both are applicable I suppose.

Monday (11.14) was Annelise's Gotcha Day (her adoption day). Things were fairly low-key this year as far as the celebrating. She asked if we could eat at Fuddrucker's and we were happy to oblige.
Within approximately 45 seconds she *lost* her dollar in the jewelry claw game. I'm not sure why she hasn't caught on that those games are rigged and choose a game you can actually shoot something or drive something.
In honor of  Gotcha Day (but a little early) she got a new Build-A-Bear friend, Cody who is a koala. I kind of love that she still loves Build-A-Bear.
I met with my bestest girlies this week and we assembled blessing bags. We each brought several items  from food, to hygiene products to small bibles, stuffed the them in an assembly line (or circle, we were on the floor) and each left with two bags to carry in our car ready to give when needed. I was SO excited! We plan to make some more in a few weeks to have on hand for the Christmas holidays and hope to make more every couple of months or so. (This was Day 6 for The Happy Day Project, of course we did it later and of course when you do it doesn't matter.)
This is fairly self explanatory.

Fresh color and trim make all the difference, don't they? Yes! 

My cut is still about the same but with a little more bob and a little less angle. I'm recommitting to letting it grow. Again.
I've never gotten too hooked on many games/apps on my iPhone but lately I've found myself lots of aliens by flinging presidents' heads at them.

It's so fun.

And educational.

Annelise plays too.
And I might as well admit that too.

Are we still friends?
Look at my sharp dressed man!

Scott had an interview this morning with an energy company.

An actual interview with people.


Of course he's not sure if it would be the best fit for him (big change from aerospace industry) and there would be a 40+ minute commute each way or if they'll even offer him the position.

But at least it's a step in the right direction.
And finally, this week was shoebox collection week for Operation Christmas Child which is part of Samaritan's Purse. Annelise packed her box, wrote a little note and took it to school earlier this week, I helped check her classes' boxes after school the other day and then they held a special chapel this morning. My heart was about to burst watching all the children, from toddlers in preschool to awkward 7th graders carry their boxes to the front of the sanctuary. They ended up making a beautiful wall of love! Warm fuzzies galore, I tell ya.

And finally, finally I may or may not have given myself an early birthday present which I'm wearing in the photo above (top right corner). Any guesses?

I'm linking up again with Jeannett, be sure to pop over to her place for more InstaFriday fun.
life rearranged

Happy, happy weekend y'all!


  1. The fortune is definitely a positive thing :) I love your Happy Birthday to yourself and love the sight of all those shoeboxes at the front of the sanctuary.

  2. Love the wall of love. New ring? Bracelet? Whatever, outfit looks cute from this pic. :)


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