This Running Post Brought to You By the Letters...

A for alarms not being ignored.

B for beautiful blue skies. And Body Glide.

C for cool(ish), crisp weather that made running exhilarating instead of a soul sucking sweat fest. And Coldplay. And for coffee when I'm done.

D for dogs, specifically the friendly black lab that kept me company for the last mile. Fist bump (paw bump?) to Bandit! Also to the man letting his three rather large dogs play off leash, thanks for calling them back to you when I wogged by.

E for Eminen's Lose Yourself playing on my trusty iPod shuffle that started off my run.

F for five. Five MILES that is.

G for grateful. That I have the ability to run, that I have strong legs to carry me (go thunder thighs, go!), that my body shows up and performs when I ask it to do hard things even when I don't always treat it right and so on and so forth. Also, G is for Gossip Girl which is playing on Netflix as I type this.

H for hydration. And happy. Running makes me happy.

I for my iPod shuffle packed with an eclectic mix of tunes that keep my feet shuffling merrily along.

J for Just Do It. Nike is so right.

K for keep going. Just keep going. Just. Keep. Going.

L for lip balm.

M for music. I don't think I could run without it. And my Mizuno running shoes.

N for no pesky mosquitoes.

O for one mile at a time.

P for Proud Mary. Tina Turner style. Could I have her legs for like, one day? Maybe two? Okay, a week.

Q for Queen. As in old school Another One Bites the Dust (and Fat Bottomed Girls) that made me run like I was in sixth grade again. I even clapped.

R for running mojo and mantras.

S for shower. I need one.

T for my Nike Tempo track shorts, which are the most comfortable running shorts. Ever. (Honestly, I'm a little self conscious, see thunder thigh note above, but I try not to dwell.) And for the Taco Truck that drove by around mile 4 that made me realize I was hungry. (See above thunder thigh note, again.)

U (I got nuttin')

V (ditto)

W for waves. I don't pass a lot of people when I run near my house, but when I do I usually give a casual-hand-flick wave. Some people wave back, others are crabs and don't. Oh the humanity.

X (again with the nuttin')

Y for Yaz. Hello, the 80s called and wants its dance mix music back. Move out. Don't mess around. Move out.

Z for Zaat's all folks!

You're welcome.


  1. I have never attempted an ABC post like this, but am always impressed when I see other people do theirs. Well done!

  2. Yay you! And I personally think NO running playlist is complete unless it includes Fat Bottomed Girls.

  3. H is for "Hell no, I would never allow my children to listen to Eminem!....but I love his songs on my running mix!" (or maybe H is for crystal is a Hypocrite?)

  4. Good for you! I need to focus on K.

  5. That's awesome, Holly! Did you think of all those on your 5 mile run. haha!!

    I think F should have been Friends who make me run half marathons in another state. haha


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