Tuesday Morning Coffee

Good morning, y'all.

I am on cup number two, how about you?

I took a little time over cup number one this morning to catch up on Prime Suspect on Hulu. As it turns out our DVR had neglected to record an episode (oh the horror!) because of a scheduling conflict (Thursday nights are busy for our DVR), so I was happy to find it on Hulu. And free Hulu, not Hulu Plus, so yay!

In other news...
I ran four miles this morning. Which makes two runs in the past four days and based on my past average, I consider this a big fat hairy deal. In my favor. My goal is to get at least two, in a perfect world three, weekday runs and a longer weekend run. It's good to have goals.

This morning as we were walking to the car, Annelise was tickled that I used her sidewalk chalk to document my miles. Then she said, "I've always found it hard to make a cursive f."

Which cracked me up because they've only been learning cursive for the last eight(ish) weeks. I told her it was even harder with sidewalk chalk.

The Happy Day Project is rolling merrily along. Today is handwritten note day and I am about to get on that in just a bit. Instead of just jotting out a quick note when the urge--or need--strikes--I don't usually do it. I think I have to, have to make a cute card (since I have all the crazy supplies gathering dust upstairs) and then of course I don't ever make the card and then days (weeks, months) pass and I forget and eventually I remember and am crushed with guilt. I used to be much better at sending thoughtful notes and I really, really, really hope to get back to that place. Starting today. In just a minute.

Yesterday's Happy Day thing was to share a homemade treat with your neighbor(s). I made some pumpkin (topped with cream cheese frosting, oh my!) bars on Sunday and Annelise (with a bit of help from Scott) happily delivered them (more on that in another post), which was great. Last night Scott and Annelise begged me to bake some more, and since they are so yummy I didn't need much arm twisting. The recipe makes a LOT, so this time we (and I mean me) packaged up some for the sweet office staff at Annelise's school and her two teachers. I hope they like them!

And if y'all want to jump on The Happy Day train, go right ahead. There's a little something nice to do every day this week and since it's only Tuesday it's not too late (really, it's never too late) to join the fun. Really. And speaking of nice and kind, I hope y'all will join me in my birthday challenge too. I'd love to hear what random acts of kindness (or intentional ones) y'all come up with, whether you do one or five or ten or even forty-three (hee hee).

A box full of happy arrived yesterday evening from Amazon. Not only did it contain new K-cups for my Keurig, it had what might become my new favorite kitchen gadget, a Vacu-Vin pineapple slicer. We love, love, love fresh pineapple and I had long resigned myself to the fact that cutting up a pineapple would be messy and there would be waste. I was skeptical to try a gadget based on my experience with a craptastic As Seen on TV pineapple corer a few months back from HEB, but after hearing raves about Vacu-Vin  I decided to take the plunge. Y'all. It really, really, works. (!!) It's easy! There's hardly any mess or waste. This is a pineapple game changer.

The happy box also contained my Project Life supplies. Says the girl who hasn't done a scrapbook page in over two years (I think). I miss it though and feel mountains of guilt about not documenting memories in some manner more tangible than this blog (not that I don't love my blog, I do, y'all know that). I like the simplicity of the Project Life system because it focuses on photos and journaling, not all the do-dads, and seems easy to use with the divided page protectors. I can't wait to start playing!

Okay, my coffee is long gone and it's hardly Tuesday morning any longer. Unless I pretend I live on the west coast.

Hope your Tuesday is happy, happy!


  1. Oh yes, we love our Keurig. I am thankful that hubby loves the Newman's coffee and Costco sells it. I love the flavored ones though. I wanted to share with you my new way to make iced coffee. I saw your post and then went to Ree's site and tried to make my own and gave up. The straining of the coffee was such a mess. I was at Starbucks one day and explained to one of the ladies what I was trying to do and she told me I should try a coffee press. I bought their inexpensive brown model for $19.95 and by golly it totally worked. No coffee residue of any kind left after I press it, and super easy. Let me know if you want to try it and I will give you the specs I use. I wish I was a runner, but don't think I have it in me....have a great day!

  2. LOL at the cursive f. Random side note, they have stopped teaching cursive in elementary schools here. Glad to see that other states didn't follow suit. It kind of made me sad. It feels sort of like a lost art now.

  3. i need to get on board with the happy project...i love the idea, just been a little lazy i guess. hmm...i have thought about ordering the project life stuff, i am thinking at this point it would be the easiest way for me to start scrapbooking...you'll have to tell me whatcha think. thanks for coffee!

  4. Our schools still teach cursive, but only for a very short time in 2nd grade, and then it's never brought up again. I remember when I was in elementary, we HAD to write in cursive. *sigh* Sad that it's becoming a lost art.

    And...just last week I emailed my husband the link to Project Life and told him that's what I want for Christmas! SOOO excited to get started on it. :) Which color album did you get? I love the red, but I think it's discontinued. :(


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