What I Wore Wednesday

This WIWW post is brought is brought to you by lameness with a side of schlumptastic.

I say that because I only have two outfits documented this week. Most days I stayed schlumpy in jeans and a t-shirt (sweet), my workout clothes (working out was actually optional, pity) or if I did gather myself I forgot to take a photo.

You know how you throw something together and you think, m'mkay this is looking mighty cute and then you catch a glimpse of yourself in a window or full mirror or your husband kindly snaps a photo of you on your porch?

Suddenly you're mortified you left the house and pranced around in public.

Exhibit A: My outfit for church on Sunday. We had a cool-ish spell so my first thought was, "Break out some boots!"

Except I look like I just hopped off my horse and onto our porch.

When did my boots become so cowboy-ish?

Yee. And haw.
grey dress: Down East Basics
pink ruffle cardi: Down East Basics
Frye Carson boots in fawn: Zappos
silver choker with cross: James Avery
I love wearing this necklace because it belonged to my mother. She also had a big sand dollar pendant, very 70s, which I switch the cross out for sometimes.
And another view of my boots.

Maybe I should've worn my taller boots?

See, I want to be the type of person that can wear cowboy/western boots with dresses and skirts with confidence and flair(a la Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights) and I'm just not there yet. Sigh.

Monday evening: Trick or treating & halloween carnival
grey & black t-shirt: Stein Mart
grey layering tank: Old Navy
black drapey vest: Forever 21
jeans: Lucky
initial necklace: The Vintage Pearl
silver chain necklace: Kohl's
black blingy flip-flops: Yellow Box

And there you have it, a short and sweet WIWW.

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pleated poppy

Momma Go Round

What do you think of boots and skirts (not too sort of a skirt, mind you) on say, a 42 year old? Hip & Fun? Appropriate? Edgy? Ridiculous? Do tell.


  1. Love that look....no matter the age!

  2. I love that dress. And I also want to wear boots with skirts and dresses. The boots I want to wear are very expensive though, it seems. ;)

  3. I think you look adorable! I love the dress & the boots. I say wear them! I worry too sometimes when I wear mine..but maybe wearing them more often you'll feel more confident ;) thats what I tell myself atleast..haha

  4. that DEB dress is awesome!! love the detail at the neckline.

    i wear boots!! i wear boots a lot!! i wear boots with skirts, both below the knee and above.

    they make me feel confident. and important. and sexy.

    wear the boots!!

  5. I have the perfect boots to go with that dress! I need to scoot on over to downeast and buy!! I have to wear longer dresses with my boots b/c i'm not real graceful so i tend to show everything! LOL Very cute!

  6. I think your church outfit is adorable.

    And I LOVE boots with skirts. I have rocked that look twice this week.

  7. Don't feel bad - schlumpy is ok sometimes!! (hence my lack of WIWW posts). Isn't it funny how we think jeans and a t are schlumpy? (I LOVE that word). Your outfits are adorable!

  8. Thanks y'all!

    I feel much better about cowboy boots and skirts now. I think I just need to wear them more often so I'll feel more comfortable/confident.


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