What I Wore Wednesday

Here are two quick takes on what I've been wearing lately:
white tank, t-shirt, navy striped cardi & mustard flats: target
jeans: old navy
mustard rosette necklace: allora handmade
belt: sam moon
spice drape-y cardigan & cream/peach lace tunic: downeast basics
grey tank: old navy
jeans: banana republic
zebra flats: target
triple strand pearl necklace: target
pearl bracelets: sam moon & target

i don't know why i'm standing with both hands on my hips.
awkward much?

i don't know if the drape-y cardi look is still hot this season, but it better be because they are a key item in my fall(ish) wardrobe. the truth is, i'm a simple girl that likes cute, casual but comfy clothes that i can mix and match and spruce up with different accessories. jeans are my friend. i wear the same things a lot. a lot, a lot. like i get stuck in a rut. so, i'm challenging myself to shake things up a bit next week by embracing the cowboy boots with a dress, mix brown and black and wear a belted cardigan.

oh my.

i hope i make it.

i'm linking up again with the pleated poppy and momma go round for fashion fun and accountability.
pleated poppy

Momma Go Round

happy wednesday, y'all!


  1. Super cute...I love both outfits! Great job!!! :)

  2. You always look so cute and put together! I really am jealous of your sense of style :)

  3. great outfits, I love the sweater too, a nice layer to make an outfit!!

    Nothing wrong with wearing jeans, I wear mine all of the time

  4. I was telling myself this morning that i need new shoes - it looks like i need to make a trip to target!

  5. I LOVE that striped sweater!! I'm seriously loving stripes this year - and paired with the mustard necklace it is beautiful!

    So chic - well done!

  6. ADORABLE!!! Love both of the outfits :) Love the striped cardi from Target. I'm w/ ya on the same outfits and jeans as a staple :)
    I need to look for that cardi!!

  7. I want to see how you wear brown and black together. I have brown boots and I bought a black cape/wrap thingy and I think I should wear it all together but so far have not.

  8. Love both outfits!! Especially love the striped cardigan!!!

  9. I hope the drapey cardi look is still in. I bought another one today, inspired by your posts! I need tons of fashion help! your posts are giving me ideas, but I just don't pull them off so well....


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