What I Wore Wednesday

hello friends!

i only have one outfit to share this week since everything else has been either schlumptastic (read: dullsville) or I forgot to take a photo (that's right thanksgiving, i'm talking to you).

without further ado, i present brown & black with a pop of color:
black dress: old navy
brown cardigan & belt: target
boots: frye jane from zappos (an early birthday present to myself which i fell madly in love with as soon as they arrived at my door, they even smell good)
turquoise necklace & bracelet: sam moon
initial charm necklace: the vintage pearl

this was my first time to wear a belted cardi and i must confess feeling a bit, um, odd at first. i was never sure if the belt should go right under my shelf or at my waist or where exactly. then i worried i looked too thick. but in the end, i liked it. and even felt a tad bit sassy. i really liked pairing brown and black together too (with a pop of color) and will definitely mix them together again. they're kind of like peanut butter and chocolate or popcorn and m&ms of the fashion world. or maybe not and i'm just hungry.

i'm linking up again with lindsey 
pleated poppy
and nina of momma go round for real momma, real style
Momma Go Round
be sure to pop over there for more fashion fun and inspiration.

happy wednesday, y'all!


  1. when I was little I always colored peoples clothes brown and black, together. so I guess I was just ahead of my time in fashion! (cuz I am certainly not there now!!)

  2. You look great! I have grown to LOVE brown and black together this season. I guess I have done it so much that it rubbed off on my daughter...she wore black leggings, black skrit, white shirt and brown ugg-type boots! :)

    And I now am craving m and m's with popcorn. YUM!!


  3. I like the belted cardi! Might have to try it myself and I love the pop of turquoise.

    Hope you'll link up with What I Wore Wednesday: http://transatlanticblonde.blogspot.com/2011/11/what-i-wore-wednesday_30.html

  4. Love the outfit---those boots are swoonful. And *shelf*---dying laughing. I'm so gonna use that from this day forward.

  5. Cute! The belt makes the boots make sense I think. I have not tried the belted cardigan. I don't have a belt, for one thing, and also the same concerns as you. You look great!


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