12 on the 12th: December

01. the morning sunrise through our shutters.
02. morning joe. self-explanatory.
03. morning quiet time.
04. merry & bright.
05. lego star wars advent check-in first thing in the morning (apparently this is mandatory).
06. breakfast.
07. lunch assembly. i realized i always, always, always spread the peanut butter first. i might freak if i had to do jelly first. what about you?
08. three looooong overdue miles. who keeps forgetting to train for that pesky half in early march? is it me?
09. quick target trip for craft supplies (read: candy & graham crackers) for second grade's class party later this week. who thought making gingerbread houses with numerous small children would be fun? was it me? hold me.
10. waiting. car line.
11. wrapping up our highly amateur photo shoot for our christmas card. annelise's face says it all, no more, mama, no more. yes, we're always late like this with our cards. you?
12. snuggled up on the couch catching up with our jesse tree devotionals.

thanks for taking a peek at our twelfth. how was yours?

i'm linking up with amy, pop over there for more 12 on the 12th fun.


  1. Your photos are wonderful - such lovely tone. Happy Christmas and New Year!

  2. I love this idea so much, but I keep forgetting to do it. I took at least 12 photos yesterday, but they were all at the same event, so it won't really work! oh, and i always spread peanut butter first!

  3. Beautiful sunrise!! And I adore your tree picture! Looks like another wonderful 12 :) happy holidays!

  4. good luck on the 2nd grade party. My daughter is doing the same thing. I'm sure it will turn out wonderful. The kids will love it.

  5. Love your photos this month!

  6. I forgot about the half. Good for you!

    I always do the peanut butter first too. If there is jelly on the knife the peanut butter will not spread as well, in my opinion.

    Gingerbread houses are of the devil, so good luck to you.

    We have had our cards since Thanksgiving, but waiting on Husband to write the darn letter. (send me your address and I'll send you one!)

  7. I love your sunrise picture! Yes, pb first is mandatory. Who would even THINK of doing it backwards? You're not the only one who is forgetting to train for her half, but mine is in early April. Still... Time's a tickin'! Good luck to you!

  8. that sunrise picture is amaaazing. i love the way the shutters make it look. peanut butter first every time.


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