Because Nothing Says Festive Like Sequins

How many sequins does it take to cover a styrofoam ball?

A lot.
Like, a lot, a lot.

Especially if you are 43 and slightly OCD.

(Joan Collins called and wants her sequins back.)

However, if you are 8, you have a much shorter attention span and a much lower commitment to full sequin  coverage.

The good news is I did not bug her about this. No pressure, no sequin coverage expectations here. Gaps were A-OK. I was calm, cool and collected. A cucumber, that was me. Over the span of 2-3 hours and four holiday shows she managed to finish almost 3/4 of her styrofoam orb and professed plans to pin her final sequins in the morning.

I remember making styrofoam ornaments with my mom, except she was more ambitious than I am. She used velvet, felt, beads, pins and sequins to create little foam works of art..I remember her proudly hanging my woefully sequin deprived ball  every year next to her fancy creations.

I get it now.

Even though Annelise was only so-so excited about this last minute craft and at times intimidated by the sheer remaining styrofoam - sequin ratio, I'm glad we did this together. She asked me why we were making ornaments two days before Christmas, and while I had no reason for the tardiness except for that pesky pal procrastination, I told her I used to make styrofoam ornaments with my mom and I wanted us to do that too.

She seemed pleased by my answer.

And with a long-suffering sigh she poked a pin in another sequin.

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