Holiday Sk8 Date

Tuesday night Annelise and I had a date at the skating rink. And by date I mean I took her there to meet three little friends from school and then sat there and watched her skate for 2.5 hours. I briefly considered donning a pair of skates myself but just could not find my inner 6th grade rollerskater for some reason.

I have a whole new respect for my dear granddaddy Archie for carting me (and sometimes my friend Robbie Ann) up to the roller rink and sitting there, waiting patiently in his Sears zip up retirement jumper, one or two times a week back in the day.

Tuesday night was dollar night and let me tell you, that word gets around.

Crowded. Is what it was.

$2 entry, she brought her own skates, and $1 pizza and $1 soda brought our grand total for the evening to a whopping $5.50 (I had a piece of cardboard pizza too and gave her .50 for a game, after which she spent her 11 tickets on pixie sticks and sweet tarts, score).

There was even a skinny skating Santa.

Which wasn't disturbing at all.

But Annelise got to see her friends, skate to her heart's desire, jump in the bouncy house, eat junk food and stay up late, so I'd say she had a good time.

We might even go back before the holiday break is over.

In other news, it's cold, rainy and rather dreary again today. Scott is braving the elements and possible crazies to get a few errands & last minute shopping done. I always tell him he's a good man, Charlie Brown.

Annelise and I are still in our PJs.

And if you pop by later today there's a 99.8% chance you'd find us still in our PJs.

Because we're over-achievers like that.

Happy Thursday, y'all!

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  1. Would you believe my kids don't know how to skate? Nearest rink is 20 minutes away and how can I help more than one at a time learn? I feel like a bad mother though.


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