InstaFriday (er...Saturday)

Here's a mini window into my week via my iPhone photos and my fave photo app, Instagram.
Based on the fact there are only four photos and two of them involve the TV, I can't say we've had the most riveting week.

We have had a fantastic week of cold weather, like for several days in a row (in Texas, this is a big deal, trust me) and I have been l-o-v-i-n-g it (even though it's made me a bit more hermit-esque than usual).

After a yummy supper of homemade chili (which of course turned into Frito Pie because chili without cheese and Fritos would be wrong), we settled in to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas, which is always a favorite.
For some reason we always crack up when Linus says, "Lights, please" right before he launches into a speech about the true meaning of Christmas. He's such a serious little guy with a blanket.

The next night I made crock-pot chicken and dumplings which at the time my people raved about but then refused to eat them again for leftovers. Their behavior makes me question their original chicken & dumpling enthusiasm.

I guess that tangent has nothing to do with this post, I just needed to share I suppose.
One morning after taking Annelise to school Scott and I decided to make a schlumpy shopping trip on the way home ( a schlumpy shopping trip involves being basically dressed but unshowered and certainly not looking cute).

To our pleasant surprise the Dollar Tree was open (!!) and I was able to get the ribbon I'd been meaning to buy for over a week. For $1.00.

I have plenty of ideas but they often die a slow death in my brain before I actually follow through with my plan. If I have the supplies, great, if not, well, that's the craft kiss of death.

ANYway, I had saved the lower branches from Frasier in order to make a hopefully cute and free door swag thingie. I even thought about shopping for a monogram letter and spray paint, but Hobby Lobby at this time of year makes me break out in hives covered with boils, so the Dollar Tree came to the rescue. Long tangent short(er), I tied the branches together and hung them on our back door and for two days they drove me cray-cray because they shed needles every time we opened the door and were so thick (wide?) we had a hard time getting through the door without feeling like we'd gone through a forest. Now monster swag is hanging on the other door (we have french doors), still not looking particularly cute, but still almost free.

I realize that story has nothing to do with the cup of coffee in the above photo. I'm getting there, I promise.

I think ALL stores should open before 9:00, at least at this time of year. I hate that lost window of peaceful shopping opportunity between school drop off and store openage. 

At least Scott and I got to kill time inside Starbucks (hot chocolate for him, coffee w/cream for me) (along with an old-fashioned doughnut for him and lemon pound cake for me) (I have no idea why we're feeling so, um, pufftastic) before browsing the delightful aisles of Barnes and Noble, otherwise known as Nirvana.

I was schlumpy, but still sported some lipstick as evidenced in above photo.
Scott and I had a semi-spontaneous lunch date yesterday to an Indian restaurant we'd been meaning to check out for over a year. We were worried about what to order, since our Indian food knowledge is quite limited and based only on buffets where you can try lots of different things.

Imagine how pleased we were to discover this place has a weekday buffet too. Score! (And ordering ignorance lives on.)

I promise I was much more excited than I looked in the photo. I find myself resorting to the semi-smile or the squinty-smile of late in an effort to lessen The Puff Face. And yes, I realize we were about to indulge in an Indian buffet full of rich and mysterious foods and had had treats at Starbucks the day before. What? I'm sure the two are not related at all.

Denial. It's where I thrive.
After school Annelise asked for hot chocolate and to watch The Muppet Movie, the original one, circa 1979, which warmed my heart. I think we need more Muppets, don't you? We only watched about half, and she's seen it before, but it was fun just the same. I'm so happy there's a resurgence in Muppet Mania thanks to the new movie, which we haven't seen yet, but plan to soon (ish).

I'm linking up again with Jeannett, pop over to her place for more InstaFriday fun!
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Happy weekend, y'all!


  1. we loved the crock pt chicken and dumplings AND ate the leftovers! ;)

  2. My kids loved the Muppet movie and I'm just as happy about a resurgence in Muppet Mania.

    As always, love your Instagram posts.


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