InstaFriday (on Saturday)

Hi y'all.
I finally, finally, finally gathered my courage to wear my cowboy boots with a dress.

On Thanksgiving no less.

But then forgot to take a picture of the whole ensemble.

Part of me felt cute and sassy and the other part was slightly insecure.
After three partial days, three trips to Walgreens for new lights (buy one, get one half off), a banged up pinky finger and a scary tumble that thankfully only resulted in a splinter, albeit a thick, nasty splinter, Scott finished hanging our Christmas lights on our house.

Clark Griswald would be proud.
This little Frasier Fir came home with us the other night.

We were in and out in under 30 minutes.

It was a Christmas miracle.

And thanks to my dad for letting us borrow his truck we won't be finding pine needles in the back of our SUV in late July.
After rearranging our furniture (which I'm actually thrilled about the new set-up, change is good), finagling with lights (Scott's department), and stressing about leaning to the left (maybe Frasier is a liberal?) and pine needles (me), Frasier happily joined us in our family room.

I love, love, love the stark simpleness of just the tree and white lights.

(But we decorated it Friday evening after eating Chick-Fil-A on TV trays while watching Elf.)

(We love Elf.)
Annelise was beside herself with glee when she found her advent calendar after a super duper quick round of the hot or cold game game (truth be told, we didn't hide it very well).

What? Who's to say Lego Star Wars characters didn't celebrate the birth of Jesus?

But we're so doing our Jesse Tree advent too.

And maybe the little stocking advent too (note to self: buy treats ASAP).

That is, once Scott gets the rest of the boxes down from the attic.
Maybe, just maybe, this guy was one of the wisemen on Tatooine?


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  1. LOVE the Star Wars advent calendar! Since I don't decorate til the first weekend in Dec we are always behind on ours. not to mention that my kids are big enough now where we can get by w/o it. My nephews would love that star wars one, gotta try to find that one....


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