It just dawned on me that this will be my last InstaFriday post of twenty-eleven.

Because I'm quick on the uptake like that.

And still find substituting twenty-eleven for 2011 highly annoying.

But might follow suit for 2012 just the same.

All of these photos were taken with my iPhone using the Hipstamatic app, which is always a favorite of mine because of the edgy randomness from all the lens/film choices. My current favorite combo is the Bettie lens with the Ina 35 film just in case anyone cares.
We still have our tree up and plan to enjoy it for a few more days.

Since we didn't go all out decorating this year I'm not feeling nearly as oppressed by Christmas decor as I have in the past as December rolls to a close, so I'm not in an all fire hurry to cast our tree to the curb.
There has been a lot of Lego assembly happening, which I love.

Annelise put The Night Bus together by herself and she and Scott worked on Hagrid's Hut together (she wanted NOTHING to do with that giganto spider Aragog). Next on deck is Hogwarts, which is a daunting task since it's an enormous set.
Monday night, on our way back from visiting Scott's family, we stopped at Gringo's for supper.

I almost always get the same thing, their tortilla soup with avocado. Love.

We can't seem to go three days without Tex-Mex.

Which is as it should be.
Our wreath of holiday happy.

In fact, it makes me so happy I leave it up most (if not all) of the year.

I need to find a better way to store past holiday cards. I used to include them in our scrapbook albums, but they take up a lot of space, and, well, I pretty much stopped scrapbooking. Now I just tie them with ribbon and set them aside. Maybe I should try punching holes and using a ring to make a flip booklet? What do y'all do with your old cards (especially the photo cards)?
In a crazy fit of following through with my ideas last week, I ordered a canvas of our family photo from our Christmas card, from Easy Canvas Prints. I thought it would take longer to arrive, so imagine my sheer delight when it showed up on our porch Wednesday afternoon. (!!)

Now it's happily hanging above our mantel in our family room.

I'm kind of in love.

I'm also trying to decide what to do around it, like maybe plates or a big letter or other photos.

I feel like it (the wall/mantel) needs something, but I'm not sure what.

This is happening again.

I'm hoping a scarf will eventually materialize.

I'll keep you posted.

I'm linking up with Jeannett again, be sure to pop over there for more InstaFriday fun.
life rearranged
Happy Friday, y'all!


  1. found you via instafriday- that soup with an entire corn cob in it really caught my eye. cute pics!

  2. Your canvas print turned out great! I ordered one for us this Christmas and was surprised how quickly it arrived too.

    Ditto what kristin said. Do you just pick the corn up out of your soup and eat it like corn on the cob? curious minds...

  3. Ha! I usually skip the corn although I guess I could pick it up and nibble on it. There are plenty of other yummy veggies in the soup though.

    I'm so happy with our canvas, I'd been wanting one for a while. Now I want to figure out how to make my own on the cheap. :)

  4. I would still like a closeup of the boots, with a link. ;)

    I just got Hipstamatic, so I haven't started using it yet.

    It makes me smile to see our card on your wreath! Does your family think it strange to get a card from someone you've not actually met?

  5. Nicole: Play with Hipstamatic when you can, I think you'll like it. It's very random but fun.

    I'd say almost half of our cards were from blog friends, all that might be high, but still...
    Scott *knows* about my blog friends--I'm weird and talk about them :) and so he does't it's strange. I think of us as pen pals who just haven't met in person yet. :)


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