This Christmas Season

in the wee hours of the morning i tip-toe out toward the kitchen (because that's where the coffee lives) while the rest of the house snores.
even the cats.
along the way i plug in the lights on our christmas tree, catching a whiff of the glorious scent as i do.
coffee in hand, i settle into the chair closest to the tree with my bible in my lap in an effort to return to what really matters this season (and always).
the sun is still hiding and the lights on the tree are glowing.
it's a perfect way to start my day.
why do i forget that?
why do i willfully choose to do otherwise?
sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening--and even sometimes doubling up and reading in the car on the way to school because we started late this year--we're trying to focus on what's most important.
our jesse tree devotionals.
for advent.
i love the simple bare branches surrounded by pinecones, all from our yard and free, waiting to be filled with paper ornaments, that tell of Christ's coming.
and some of them even have glitter.
of course annelise is slightly more eager to open a window in this advent each day.
and that's okay.
there's room for Jesus and star wars i suppose.

this christmas season i'm choosing the simple and not the frou-frou (notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat).
one tree instead of many.
not a lot (okay, hardly any) of holiday decor throughout the house as in years past.
and you know what?
it's fine.
perfectly fine.
(in fact, my people haven't really noticed).

this christmas season i'm choosing not to compare myself to the way others celebrate or decorate.
and believe me, that one's a doozy because of television, blogs, pinterest and the like.

this christmas season i'm sure we'll do lots of fun things--we may even do crafts (!!) -- but none of those things are set in stone and are certainly not essential to our overall holiday enjoyment.

this christmas season i'm choosing the calm over the cray-cray.
(fingers crossed, of course)

how about you?


  1. Holly, your December is looking A LOT like mine...except my son opened his whole star wars advent calendar in one afternoon. It's our first year with the Jesse tree and we're really enjoying it!

    May you find many peaceful moments with your family and the Lord this season!


  2. It's the other way around for us this year. Simplicity was key the past few years(as we suffered tragedy those years,just wasn't feeling it)This year my 12 year old daughter took it upon herself to bring down ALL the boxes of Christmas decor and went to town.

    I set up my Nativity scene a few days ago on my own though. I love it so much I'm tempted to keep it up year round!

  3. Beautiful pictures of your tree lights. I can't seem to avoid the cray-cray but I definitely appreciate this post as it reminds me to look for the quiet moments.

  4. We are trying to keep it simple too. I wrote about a little bit of my holiday thoughts today. Trying to find that place that is right for our family, without beating myself up because it doesn't look like someone else's. And I admire you for getting up before your people. I still don't do that.


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