Thursday. As In 10 Days Before Christmas.

I feel the need (for speed).
(Negative Ghost Rider, the landing pattern is full.)
Maverick buzzes the tower anyway.
Oh Tom, Tom, what has happened to you?

Okay, really...I feel the need to unclutter my brain a bit and what better place to do that than my blog complete with random holiday photos that have nothing to do with this post?

Monday afternoon after school and with approximately 1.5 hours remaining of usable light, my people and I got ourselves together for a little photo shoot for our Christmas cards. Some of you may be clicking away right now because you can't handle the fact that we were just then doing something about our cards at a shameful two weeks before Christmas, and I totally get how disappointed you are in me, but I hope we can still be friends.

The thing is, in the early fall, when one might start to think about taking pictures for one's card, here in Texas it's still a sauna. I can't even contemplate getting ourselves all together and posed and then watch while we all melt into a cranky puddle of sweat while looking cheery. Not gonna happen.

This year we thought of using a photo of Annelise from earlier this fall that we already had for our card and came this close to clicking place order, but I just couldn't do it.
Not because I didn't like the photo, I did. Not because I didn't like the idea of the caption, I did. But I always enjoy seeing the whole family on the Christmas cards we receive. I totally get why you might not want to be in a photo you're sending out to oodles of your family and friends (hey, I'm right there with you!) but I think it's important to include at least one photo of the whole family if possible. 

Thankfully, we found a suitable spot close by and managed to get a few keepers before my people declared mutiny on me. No tears were shed and no one yelled, but there may have been a few clenched teeth pronouncements made. I consider that minor collateral damage for the greater good. 

It was rather hilarious (and pitiful) that we had to spend a good 10 minutes trying to attach my camera to the tripod. I guess I need to use it more, huh? It was also a little challenging to find a good yet not distracting background, arrange ourselves into semi-flattering poses without sitting on the damp ground (who forgot the blanket? was it me?), where our height differences wouldn't look weird (steps are always helpful with this problem, but there weren't any) and I could hide the remote (at least somewhat). Since we were short on time (and patience) we didn't try lots of poses or backgrounds but it still worked out fine. I think. 

The good news is our order is already on its way (hooray for Shutterfly 2-day shipping and a coupon code) so our cards just might make it to their recipients by Christmas. Whew!
And speaking of cards, I'm starting to wonder if we've been crossed off of lists (what?) or if everyone is running late like us or maybe not sending cards this year or something. I love checking the mail this time of year but this year seems to be, um...slim pickin's. At least so far.

And still speaking of cards (because I can't let it go) if I've sent you (and I mean you, my dear bloggy friends) a card in the past, don't give up on me, they'll be on their way to you soon. If you're a new bloggy friend and would like to exchange Christmas cards (wouldn't that be fun? yes!) let me know in the comments or email, m'mkay?
Things are slowly getting crossed off our to-do lists, but more likely than not they're just getting carried over to the next day.


Is what I am.
Teacher gifts. Check.

School Christmas program tonight.

Dance Christmas party this afternoon. (Iffy, heavy on the if)

Class party tomorrow.

Chocolate pretzel turtles made. Later today.

Book for class book exchange. Check.

Wrapping book. Not checked. Yet.

And speaking of a class book exchange, I'm really excited about it. The girls are trading *girl* books, boys trading *boy* books while listening to The Night Before Christmas (and passing when they hear "and"), which should be fun. The guidelines were not to spend more than $10, so we (and by that I guess I mean me) decided on two paperbacks, Ramona Quimby, Age 8 and a Christmas-y Magic Tree House that way a variety of reading levels/topics are covered and we were still under $10. Well. Annelise is all up in arms about giving two books and suggested giving one to her class library and exchanging the other (don't let her fool you for a moment, she's thinking she'll only get one in return, which she might). There may be drama tomorrow.

In fact I'm girding up my loins in anticipation of party drama.
Along with the book exchange there will be a craft.

And not just any craft.

Twenty-three 7 & 8 year olds will be making gingerbread houses all at the same time tomorrow.

I haven't been sleeping well.
I'll let you know how it goes.

That is, of course, if I survive.


  1. i just designed my card last night and I've only cut about half the pieces so far! New people on my list this year are getting previous years homemade cards because I just don't have time to make 60 new cards! ;)

    I have a tripod, so maybe next year we'll try a family photo.

    good luck at the party - I'm nervous about (1) 3 year old doing a gingerbread house, let alone 23 7 year olds!

  2. No way would I do gingerbread houses. So I hope it went well.

    I've had my cards for three weeks, but Husband has yet to write the letter. Yes, we do a letter. People actually look forward to it and make sure Travis is writing one. So his deadline is this weekend. We also seem to be getting fewer cards, although I got about 5 today, so I think everyone is on the same schedule.

    I am procrastinating right now.

  3. few cards for us too this year. I am thinking not doing any at all. which I have thought for the last few years. then I always end up getting some that I think I MUST reciprocate and one older lady who REALLY thinks I must send her a hand written letter each year (which I don't mind obliging) In the past we have done New Year's cards, which I really like. less stress and can then include the Christmas pictures taken on Christmas


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