What I Wore Wednesday

hello wednesday.
hello my wiww friends.

this week's edition is short and almost to the point (have y'all met me?)
dress: target
grey sweater: downeast basics
jeans: old navy
mustard statement necklace: allora handmade
frye jane boots: zappos

i love the look of wearing a short dress over skinny jeans. for one thing it makes me feel like i'm 8 or 9 and it's 1978 again (dresses over pants was big, and then there's Maude) and for another thing it stretches my wardrobe options a bit further, which is always good (not that i'd ever, ever, ever wear that short of a dress without jeans or leggings anyway).

did i tell you i'm in red hot love with my boots? like i'd wear them every single day if it weren't for this texas yo-yo weather (we're back to warm, sigh). i love their rugged kind of quirky look, their semi-slouchiness, their suede-y feel (is it weird to pet boots? no?) and even their stacked heel--and i am usually not a heel loving gal. y'all may get sick of seeing them and listening to me sing their praises, but if any of y'all are boot lovers i have i feeling y'all will understand.

my next boot challenge to myself is to wear fun tights--maybe patterned--(??) with a dress and boots. i also want to try boot socks, they look so cute (on others) when i spy them peeking out over the top.

i'm linking up again with lindsey and nina for fashion accountability and inspiration.
pleated poppy

Momma Go Round

happy wednesday, y'all!


  1. Cute outfit, love evrything about it! Great boots too by the way!

  2. adorbs! Love the boots and the dress and the sweater... ok, love it all :) I just discovered Downeast Basics and blogged about it! They're clothes are so cute.

    Amy @ www.themombot.com

  3. THat is such a cute outfit and I love your hair style, so classy and cute at the same time!
    I also wanted to share that I am doing a giveaway
    over on my blog , hope you join in =)

  4. I love dresses over jeans too, and who wouldn't with those awesome boots! Pet away, my friend! haha. Super cute outfit.

  5. Cutie cute. You look great as always. I have several outfits but it is already Thursday, so might just wait until next week.

  6. LOVE the outfit and the mixing of dress and jeans! The boots are fab too - go ahead and give patterned tights a shot!


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