Project Life: Week Four

Here we are at week four of Project Life. That's almost a full month my friends.
Pardon me while I do a quick happy dance, m'mkay?

All righty now. I'm back.
Once again this week I've kept things simple, using only the Clementine core kit cards, a stamp or two and address labels for additional journaling on photos.

My *new* thing this week is using japanese wash tape.
(I tried my best not to go cray-cray with it.)

Here's an overview of the entire layout.
The left side.
See, washi tape. I told you I fell in love with it.
I used a plain 8.5x11 page protector to store Annelise's speech meet results and the journaling card she filled out (she won first place in her category and will get to go to the next level of competition, woo hoo!).
On the back side I added some art from school (a poison dart frog to be exact). It's great to have a place to keep a few papers and/or art that might otherwise have no home (and let's face it, get trashed).
The right side.
A life tidbit this week was to include part of the Netflix shipping envelope. I want to include more things like this (wrappers, receipts, tags, etc.) each week to give a feel for the ordinary stuff that makes up our weeks.
Again with the washi tape.
I think I have an addictive personality.
I used a flip up 4x6 protector again this week. It's so nice to have that option!
I also added a date tag to the side (made by a Stampin'Up punch).
I also like using address labels on photos for extra journaling space. 
(I tried a shellac manicure for the first time. It's supposed to last 2-3 weeks. It's holding up quite well so far, we'll see...)

I'm so happy to have almost a month of our ordinary, daily, this & that life recorded. Project Life is, well...awesome.
But I suspect I don't have to tell y'all that.

Happy, happy memory keeping!

I'm linking up with The Mom Creative again, be sure to pop over there for tons of Project Life inspiration.
The Mom Creative


#janphotoaday {days 13 - 25}

the #janphotoaday instagram challenge has been so much fun this month. having a theme each day has been helpful (so i'm not just snapping oodles of photos of our cats or my feet--notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat) and has motivated me to take at least one photo each day. 
here are the latest and greatest...
13. inside my bag
14. was supposed to be something i was reading, which at the time was in the garden of beasts by eric larson but i deleted some photos from my phone after making these collages and had my days mixed up and guess what? that photo is gone, baby gone. oops.
15. happiness (morning coffee, are you surprised?)
16. morning (MLK holiday = IHOP breakfast)
17. water. ( that's some of our high quality h2o)
18. something you bought (breakfast taquito) (actually, scott bought it)
19. sweet (overpriced candy at the movies)
20. someone(s) you love (my people) (and tex-mex)
21. reflection (after getting my hairs did on saturday)
22. my shoes (after a workout, whoop!)
23. something(s) old (my diehl fan collection, my maiden name was diehl)
24. guilty pleasure (my hips & heiny enlarge as soon as i walk in the door, but it's so good and so bad at the same time)
25. something i made (lunch) (tuna salad)

there are only a few days left for january's challenge, but guess what? fatmumslim has created a new list of daily photo challenges for february. 

i'm so happy the fun will continue!
y'all should join in too, the more the merrier.
some days i miss (or feel uninspired) and i have to play catch up, but that's okay. if you skip a day or two or whatevs just catch up when you can or just jump back in. no pressure. no rules.
it's inspiring to see so many interpretations on each day's theme and a fun way to document your month.
i hope y'all will play along!

p.s. i'm marathonbird on instagram
p.p.s. i've been using the project 365 app on my phone to keep track of my photos and must admit it's highly satisfying to watch the month fill up.


Project Life 2012: Week Three

I can't help thinking that if I am already so happy about Project Life at Week 3 (well, truth be told I was so happy about it before I even started!) then I'll probably be waaay over the moon with joy when I get to Week 52. I don't know if I'll be able to handle myself! I so enjoy seeing the little everyday tidbits starting to weave together and can only imagine the full story they will tell at the end of this project.

Here is an overview of this week's entire layout.
A closer look at the left side.
This week, just for kicks, I mixed in a few  journaling cards from the Amber kit with the ones from the Clementine kit and was pleased by the results. I like how you can mix and match to stretch your supplies even further and everything works together well.
One little life tidbit I included this week was a screenshot from Pinterest attached to a journaling card to show some of the recipes I want to try. I made one dish this week that was a HIT with my people so I talked about that on the other card and tucked them both into a 4x6 slot.
In the other 4x6 slots I used a photo of a surprise silhouette I snapped of Annelise at chapel and at the bottom I tucked in one of Annelise's homework pages where she wrote about serving others.

Here's a look at the right side, with a 6x12 insert.
I just slipped Annelise's report card that came home this week into the sleeve, along with a 4x6 journaling card (one of the folded ones left open). I love the flexibility of using inserts like the 6x12 sleeves or another divided protector trimmed down (I do like for the inserts to be smaller than the layout spread if possible, it just seems more cohesive to me).
Here's the right side without the insert.
I can't believe we saw two movies last week, that's so not the norm. Since Monday was a holiday we three went to see We Bought a Zoo and then I'd been dying to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close since I had loved the book, so Scott and I went to a matinee on the day it opened (FYI the book was better).

I tried using plain return address stickers for additional journaling space right on the photo. I like having the extra space but am still on the fence about attaching a sticker right on the photo, also I worry it makes things too busy--and yet I still like it. Wishy washy is what I am.
I also used an adhesive flip-up page protector for a few extra photos. I like how they provide more photo space when needed and add dimension.
And that my friends is my third week of Project Life.

I'm determined to keep this project simple, using the core kit cards, photos and weekly memorabilia and occasionally adding simple embellishments. So far it's been totally doable and not too labor or time extensive at all. For reals. That makes me very happy and highly optimistic about seeing this project through to the end. (!!)

I'm linking up at The Mom Creative, be sure to pop over there for more Project Life inspiration.
The Mom Creative
Thanks for stopping by & happy memory keeping!


A Not So Typical Sunday Morning

So our little is sick this morning. This time it's a combo of sore throat, cough and a 99.7 temperature. With a side of glassy eyes. I'm blaming our yo-yo weather, cold-hot-cold-cold-hot-hot--often on the same day, even though there may not be any basis for my theory.
At first Annelise was camped out on the couch under a blanket but now she has gathered her strength to sit on the floor in front of the couch and build Legos while watching streaming Netflix. So far we've seen an animated Joseph movie, which I slightly pushed since we were missing church this morning and it turned out pretty good and now we're watching Veggie Tales. I love those little veggies and I'm glad she still enjoys them too.

There's a pot of taco soup simmering on the stove too, which is odd because I don't usually cook on Sundays. It might also seem a bit odd that I fixed taco soup for a cold, but I didn't have the fixings for chicken noodle soup so... taco soup it is.

Yesterday I had an appointment for a fairly long overdue hair refresher. I got my color and highlights jazzed up, said buh-bye to my grays for a while and got my hairs cut a bit. I would show you a picture but I don't have one yet. Plus she blew my hair dry using a round brush and oh my goodness my hairs were puffy. I felt like I was wearing a bouncy helmet the rest of the day. They've only just now began to settle down after sleeping on them for 7 hours. I know I should be thankful I have thick hair and plenty of it, and I am really, but it can be frustrating sometimes (just ask Susan when she's having to blow dry it with a round brush).

I got a disturbing email the other day about the photo site Picnik.com closing in April. Why Picnik, WHY? How am I going to make my 12x12 photo grids ever again without crying? I'm not sure, but I think Google is to blame somehow.

What else do I have to tell you? Oh...are y'all watching Once Upon a Time (on ABC Sunday nights)? It's sooooo good!! I'm hooked. You should totally check it out and set your DVRs (and as another arm twist, the creators--or writers?--of LOST are also behind Once Upon a Time). While you're setting your DVR timers you should also add Masterpiece Theater's Downton Abbey (PBS Sunday nights) to your schedule. Oh it's beyond good y'all (if you like period dramas, clever dialogue, class differences and Maggie Smith that is). You can catch up on last season on Netflix too.

And believe me I've noticed how I talk a lot about TV and movies and light and fluffy daily drivel-y stuff a lot lately (always?) and not the heavier stuff like Scott's ongoing unemployment, a looming sense of uncertainty and gaining weight (me). I don't know. I feel like I censor myself here sometimes or just avoid talking about certain things because they are 1.) depressing and b.) not bright and shiny and 3.) I truly don't have much to complain about because there are oodles and oodles and caboodles of people in far worse situations so what business do I have to whine and complain anyway? None.

But then those thoughts still swirl around in my head and really want to be free (as in out of my crazy place). 


I avoid them.

But maybe I should get back to journaling? That would probably be a good thing. Yes.

I can carry on a compete conversation by myself.

It's good to have talents.


This & That Thursday

I know. That title just draws you in doesn't it?

But how else does one address the many randoms in one's life?

Yesterday, second grade put on a little skit in chapel based on Harry the Dirty Dog (I know, a bit of a stretch, but think about Harry getting a bath and our sins being washed away), which turned out cute. Annelise (and most of second grade) was a narrator and they all lined up on one side of the stage to rotate through their turns while a few of the other boys and girls acted out the *story*. I took a few pictures but they all were a little blurry (kids, why must you always be moving?) BUT I was surprised by how much I ended up liking this surprise silhouette.

I never got around to making one of those like I said I would years ago. Maybe I still could (should).
Since Monday was a holiday (thanks MLK!) we had a late--and delicious--morning breakfast at IHOP.

And no I did not exercise that day either.

And yes, not only is this post random, it's also out of chronological order.

I am living on the edge people.
When we left, our waiter brought me a to-go cup of fresh hot coffee unsolicited. (!!)

How did he know coffee is my love language?

He was already a really good waiter in my book but he immediately moved to the top of the class.

We rolled on out of there on our full tummies and made our way over to the movies to see We Bought a Zoo.

When we pulled up to the theater for Scott to drop us off so Annelise and I could buy tickets while he parked (we have a system) he noticed me rearranging my purse so I could ever-so-carefully stuff my fresh & hot to-go coffee inside and smuggle it inside the theater. He asked me what in the world was I doing.

What? Like I was going to let a FREE steaming cup of coffee that hadn't even been sipped yet go to waste?

Annelise didn't even bat an eyelash, she knows me and remembers the Ramona incident all too well.

The good news is 1.) I have a big purse, b.) the coffee didn't spill a drop and 3.) I got to enjoy my coffee throughout the movie. Score! We also ran into a friend of Annelise's from school, which resulted in the required shrill squeals of glee and hugs in the lobby, followed by a bit of seat rearranging so they could sit together.

The movie was really sweet and funny in parts, but there was some language. I knew there might be since it was PG but I forgot to check it on PluggedIn before we went. The good news is Annelise really doesn't know bad words when she hears them. The little girl (Rosie) was absolutely adorable in the movie, but it really wasn't necessary to have her say, "So and so, you're a rhymes with Rick." Of course Annelise and her friend were all, "What's a rhymes with Rick????...What's a rhymes with Rick mean????"


In other news, we watched American Idol last night. I made my yearly protest that I wasn't going to get sucked in again no matter how much I like JLo and Steven Tyler and then of course settled right on in and watched it. Two things: a.) I really, really, really liked Phillip Phillips there at the end. Was he not the cutest thing? And oozing talent too. And 2.) What in the world is up with Steven Tyler's pimp hat? Is this going to be his trademark thing this season? I kept thinking of Fat Albert's friend Shell.

Or maybe Jimmie Walker (DYN-O-Mite) from Good Times.

Okay, I have a third thing, I didn't notice it so much last season, but the way that Steven Pimp Daddy T. was looking leering at some of the girls was downright creepy. Ugh.

And finally, did I tell y'all that Annelise and I are doing Mother/Daughter tap again? It's true. We are. And I'm actually not dreading the whole thing, so that's good. It's also good that our costumes this year, while still spandex, do NOT have fringe, gingham or misplaced stars. Right now it's only the moms learning the dance and then the girls join us sometime in March.
See, there's some proof (I snapped that at the end after most everyone left, so it only looks like I was dancing by myself a la Billy Idol).

This year we're doing a routine, well, there's just no easy way to say this...

We're Angry Birds.

The girls, of course, are the birds and the moms are the big bird (?) that tries to catch them.

Or something to that effect.

It should be pretty cute.

The song is techno-dancey and a little fast, but I have hope that I will master it. Eventually.

Okay folks, I guess that's plenty enough random for one day (cue marching band & fireworks).

Happy Thursday, y'all!


Project Life 2012: Weeks 1 & 2

Who's so excited to be working on her Project Life album for 2012? 

Is it me?

Let's take a peek at the cover page first shall we?
A simple combination of 4x6  & 3x4 cards from the Clementine core kit along with a few photos are working for now as the first page to my 2012 album. I used some of my stamps to add a bit of flair (?) to the red and blue postcard title card.
I stamped the word family on a scrap of patterned paper and added it to this photo of our family of Chucks. I like the way it turned out but I don't want to get in the habit of thinking I always need to stamp or add embellishments to my layouts (more on that in a bit). Simple is A-OK!

Here's a look at Week 1:
A closer look at the left side.
I tucked our movie tickets in with the photo of us holding them, redundant I know, but still, along with part of our candy box. I used one 4x4 Instagram photo (printed through the Postal Pix app) along with a journaling card to fill out the 4x6 slot. The small photo of our discarded Christmas tree was printed 2x2 which fits nicely on a journaling card. The rest of the photos were printed 4x6 on our home printer, some were trimmed down to fit in the journaling card slots. 

Here's a closer look at the right side.
I did add a few simple tags with bakers twine to two of the larger photos. I also tucked in a note Annelise wrote about how she promised to use the laptop only for educational games. I slipped in some patterned paper I had on hand to fill in the space behind it.

Here's the layout for Week 2.
This week was really, well, ordinary. I was worried I wouldn't have anything to fill the slots and absolutely no story to tell. I briefly thought about combining weeks (which might happen from time to time) but didn't want to do that the second week in 2012 (that seemed right out of Loserville to me for some reason).

So four of the photos were taken on the same day and there's no *big event* of our week to tell, but I realized that's okay (I'm learning it's really hard to shift my mindset from event type documenting to ordinary weekly, daily stuff).

A closer look at the left side.
I used photos from my #janphotoaday challenge, one of Annelise doing her homework and playing possum on the couch and wrote a little about all that on the journaling cards. I added one tag wrapped with twine to a photo for a bit of extra journaling space.

Here's the right side.
We played games Friday night so I ended up using photos from that (I used the self-timer to take the shots of us playing) and Annelise even wrote about her favorite games on a card. I felt like I was stretching things a little this week since I didn't take a lot of photos of us during the week doing whatever we did. I hope I get better about that!

Here's a closer look at what Annelise wrote on a journaling card. I love including her take on things in our album (Scott's too) and hope she'll always be agreeable when I ask her to fill one out.
As another little filler, I printed a screen shot of recent texts between Scott and me (and Annelise). I had texted him an 80s reference and of course when he didn't text me back I had to send him another one. Good thing there are always plenty of 80s references handy when you need them.
Weeks 1 and 2  of 2012 were just ordinary weeks for us, no major events or celebrations, just life. As I said before, this type of non-event driven memory keeping is new to me, but I'm trying to focus on the bigger picture of all of these ordinary (and probably a few not so ordinary) weeks all eventually adding up to tell our story for 2012.

That's going to be a big batch of awesome!

And just in case anyone is new here and wondering what in the world I'm talking about...

I'm using Becky Higgins' Project Life system to document our lives each week for 2012 and then showing y'all my progress each week (or so) here on my blog. Wait, does that mean I'm going to be making 52 scrapbook layouts this year? (Gulp.) Yes, yes it does. I'll be using Design A divided page protectors for the bulk of my album, along with occasional inserts when needed. My goal is to keep things simple (keeping the emphasis on photos and journaling) mainly using the cards from the Clementine Core Kit, Sharpie markers and pens, a date stamp and my Crop-a-Dile Corner Chomper to round my photo corners. I might scrap things up from time to time with other papers, stamps, tags or simple embellishments but I'm making a pact with myself to use what I have in my craft stash first (!!) and not allow the evil foe comparison steal my joy when I see fabulously crafty & creative layouts online (whoa, that last part is a doozy).

I'm joining in the link-up at The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday, be sure to pop over there for more layout inspiration!
The Mom Creative

Thanks for reading & happy memory keeping, y'all!


#janphotoaday {days 1 - 12}

i've actually stuck with something for twelve days (technically thirteen but that's for another post).
in an effort to ease into a project 365 photography project for 2012, i jumped in to the #janphotoaday challenge on instagram. it's been fun to have a theme every day.
here are days 1- 12:
1. you (or in this case me, already in bed with my book, i found out about this project late in the day).
2. breakfast (coffee and steel cut oats with strawberries)
3. adore (my new boots)
4. letterbox
5. something i wore (and i actually exercised!)
6. makes me smile (sonic happy hour for 3)
7. favorite (healthy green smoothie)
8. my sky (gray & cloudy)
9. routine (car pick-up line, my nemesis)
10. childhood (hot cocoa & marshmallows, our child's favorite treat)
11. where i sleep (my side)
12. close-up (my favorite silver rings)

stay tuned for the rest...

here is the list for #janphotoaday in case any of y'all want to play along too. c'mon, it'll be fun!
and on another note of randomness that i must get off my chest, i was trapped in a PTF meeting this morning for over a ridiculous hour and am feeling a bit bitter about the whole thing.

not that it's that big a deal or anything.

but i was only interested in my responsibility for the class art project for the school auction, which was covered in the first 15-20 minutes. fine. then an overview of the entire auction plans/committees/tasks/past experiences/ blah diggity blah began and i was trapped, trapped i tell you on false pretenses (i thought the meeting was only about the class art projects, not the entire auction).

and there were several miss know-it-alls in attendance as well.

oh the horror.

it was all i could do to not roll my eyes eleventy thousand times.

if i ever come across as a miss know-it-all you hereby have permission to slap me.

okay. i feel better now. thanks for listening.

happy friday, y'all!


12 on the 12th: January

01. a fabulous handmade gift from a fabulous friend (!!) (we met this morning for bible study and a brunch and i took zero photos, other than this one. loser. is what i am).

02. coffee. i think this was mug #3. or was it #4? today was so windy & cold I kept getting refills and lost count. if i'm wide awake at 2:14 am, at least i'll know who to blame (me).

03. car line pick up. and yes, annelise was standing outside holding her jacket instead of wearing it. girrrrrl, you crazy.

04. our happy, happy girl.

05. our view from our driveway this afternoon. loved the contrast of the trees & sky.

06. me (with the girl in the back hamming' it up).

07. spelling homework (sentences) & a snack (a clementine, animal crackers, a cheese stick & milk, so random).

08. sadie, our dog, hoping to have some of that snack herself.

09. paying the piper, er, i mean the dance studio. and yes, i have sesame street checks. long story. okay, it's not really long, just ridiculous.

10. lego construction zone. no bare feet allowed.

11. bank drive through. i was the only one there and for some reason this fact did not work in my favor (sllllooooooowww).

12. dinner for 3 at our favorite tex-mex place.

and that my friends is a little peek at my 12th, such as it is. i wasn't feeling motivated to pick up my big dog camera this morning, and i was in a rush, so i ended up using my iphone for all of today's photos. it was convenient but i found myself missing my dslr (i think she gets jealous of my handy dandy phone sometimes).

last year i was rather hit or miss when it came to the monthly 12x12 challenge. my goal for 2012 is to participate each month, no excuses, no whining. i also want to push myself to be more creative, try different angles/perspectives and use the self-timer (or remote) so i get in more photos with my people.

(of course, i really didn't work on any of those things this month, this was more of a "get 'er done" month.)

i'm linking up with amy's blog, be sure to pop over there to see more 12x12 posts.
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