12 on the 12th: January

01. a fabulous handmade gift from a fabulous friend (!!) (we met this morning for bible study and a brunch and i took zero photos, other than this one. loser. is what i am).

02. coffee. i think this was mug #3. or was it #4? today was so windy & cold I kept getting refills and lost count. if i'm wide awake at 2:14 am, at least i'll know who to blame (me).

03. car line pick up. and yes, annelise was standing outside holding her jacket instead of wearing it. girrrrrl, you crazy.

04. our happy, happy girl.

05. our view from our driveway this afternoon. loved the contrast of the trees & sky.

06. me (with the girl in the back hamming' it up).

07. spelling homework (sentences) & a snack (a clementine, animal crackers, a cheese stick & milk, so random).

08. sadie, our dog, hoping to have some of that snack herself.

09. paying the piper, er, i mean the dance studio. and yes, i have sesame street checks. long story. okay, it's not really long, just ridiculous.

10. lego construction zone. no bare feet allowed.

11. bank drive through. i was the only one there and for some reason this fact did not work in my favor (sllllooooooowww).

12. dinner for 3 at our favorite tex-mex place.

and that my friends is a little peek at my 12th, such as it is. i wasn't feeling motivated to pick up my big dog camera this morning, and i was in a rush, so i ended up using my iphone for all of today's photos. it was convenient but i found myself missing my dslr (i think she gets jealous of my handy dandy phone sometimes).

last year i was rather hit or miss when it came to the monthly 12x12 challenge. my goal for 2012 is to participate each month, no excuses, no whining. i also want to push myself to be more creative, try different angles/perspectives and use the self-timer (or remote) so i get in more photos with my people.

(of course, i really didn't work on any of those things this month, this was more of a "get 'er done" month.)

i'm linking up with amy's blog, be sure to pop over there to see more 12x12 posts.


  1. Fun photos! I had a hard time the first year remembering to document, but last year I got in a groove. Hope you do too!

  2. Wonderful photos. I did the same thing, I spent some wonderful time with a friend and didn't snap one pic. It's too bad b/c it was such a great part of my day.

  3. ahh i didn't even see your little one in the back of number six! looove it. i also love that you had mexican for dinner. definitely the best way to end a day.


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