Books. I Think I Will Read Some This Year.

I realized soon after I published my goal post (and no, not goalpost, because that would mean I was making a football reference and I'm not) last week that I forgot to mention another goal.


I decided I need a bit of a push to read more books. Don't get me wrong, I almost always have a book in progress and plenty others waiting in the wings, but I've always been rather willy-nilly about the whole thing. I read this, I read that. Some books I can't put down, others gather dust on the nightstand for a while before I finish and others are completely abandoned (which is okay, I've let go of the guilt). I occasionally update my currently-reading, read and to-read lists on Goodreads but never really kept track of what I read from one year to the next. And that's always worked for me. Until now.

I recently tried to remember some outstanding reads from 2011 and drew a blank. How sad is that? I read lots of different books over the course of the year but could hardly pull any titles from the recesses of my brain.

So I'm going old school for 2012. I'm making a list. With actual pen on paper. In my 10-year journal (the regular upkeep of said journal is another goal for this year).

I'm also ready to challenge myself a little.

I decided I'm going to read 43 books this year.

Forty. Three.

Why that particular number? Well, 52 seemed like too many and a little too much pressure to read one book a week, so I decided to go with my age instead. Plus I like having a buffer.

Can I do it? Maybe. At least I'll try. If I don't make it, well, no biggie. At least I will have read (insert number) of books and kept a record of it.

I'm also giving myself a few guidelines:
* no purchasing of books this year (except for possible Half Price Books or garage sale, etc., but this shall be limited and as a last resort--as in my life could not go on without purchasing that used book type of situation).
* use the library
* choose books from my shelves here at home
* if the book is not holding my interest after a while I give myself permission to move on
* include a few nonfiction books
* maybe post my progress occasionally here on the blog

All that being said, here is my fresh stack from an after school library trip yesterday:
I'm currently reading The Phantom Tollbooth.

And if any of y'all are wondering, I abandoned the stack I showed in last week's post (except for The Phantom Tollbooth) and returned them to the library unread (I only made it halfway through Work Song by Ivan Doig, it dragged). I'm fickle.

On a related note, Annelise checked out a hefty stack yesterday (love!) and decided to keep a list too. She doesn't have a set number goal, but thought it would be fun just to keep track of her reading and see how far she gets.

And on another literary note, Scott got Killing Lincoln for Christmas and...

(Are y'all sitting down?)

he is reading it. (!!)

Yay!! Plus I can't wait to get my hot little hands on it.

*Do you keep a record of the books you've read?*
*What are you reading lately?*


  1. I think I might keep a list now! This seems like a good idea. I also read pretty much all the time, but then can't remember what I read. I have been known to check out a book and read a lot of it before realizing I have already read it!

    Travis got me a Kindle for Christmas, which I am loving, but my library does not have every book I want to read available for download. So I will either be buying more books or reading more print books, which then feels like I'm wasting my Kindle. What a modern problem!

    I'm reading the Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest right now. I read the first two books ages ago. It is really good, keeping me far more interested than I thought it would, honestly.

    Going to update on Good Reads now too!

  2. Ooh! I brought (and by brought I mean shipped) In the Garden of Beasts to my family book exchange at Christmas. I had heard good things about the author, and I read a sample on my kindle and it looks so awesome. It appeals to me because it centers around a foreign service family (just like me!!), but I also love learning about WWII. I'd be interested to hear what you think!

  3. I've kept a record the last couple of years, but I've only gotten up to about 18-20 each year. I have TONS stored on my nook and ipad AND my shelves that I feel I need to read. I did however just purchase 3 books on my nook last week. One is the 5 love languages for Children. I too am trying to read more non-fiction. ;)

  4. I've heard In the Garden of Beasts is amazing. I just finished 11/22/63 by Stephen King. Not usually a King reader but this book was wonderful!!

  5. I really liked the Postmistress. I loved Emory's Gift and am going to hound you until you read it. :)

    Happy New Year and thanks for your scrapbooking post...it looks so cool and was fun to read such an in depth review of it. Good for you!!

  6. I've been wanting to read In the Garden of Beasts since it was released. Hopefully this year! I'm also dying to read the new Dean Koontz book (can't think of the name right now). I love and read all his stuff.

    I keep a list of books that I WANT to read, but I've never thought to keep a list of book that I HAVE read. Great idea!

  7. In The Garden Of Beasts - That's a great book. I went on a kick early last year, trying to read all of his books. Started with Devil In The White City. I'd recommend that one if you haven't read it, yet.

  8. What a great idea! Now I want my kids and I to keep lists too. :) Have you heard of PaperBackSwap.com? I LOVE it! It's an online book exchange where you can request books for free with credits that you earn when other people request your books. The only cost is to mail books to the people who request them from you, which is usually around $2.40 with media mail.

  9. You've inspired me once again! And don't forget to add "borrow from friends" to your list. It is surely on my list! hint hint!

    And, I think that some re-reads may be necessary - like Hunger Games.

    Can't wait to have some book talking again! LOVE YOU!

  10. I was just going to say read the Hunger Games which you can borrow from us but I see Kim beat me to it!! I think you'd like those. have you read any michael crichton? I've got a stack of new books to read too!! a lot of the books I gave for christmas came from Goodwill or the $3 bin at Kroger!

  11. I have been keeping a book journal since 1996, when I was single and childless. That year I also traveled a lot and I read 98 books! My lowest number (the year I had a baby) was 3. And I've had several years of under 20. One of the hardest mental hurdles for me is throwing in a towel on a book if I don't like it. Especially if I own it and don't like it. I remember my mom telling me once when I was trying to make it through Little Men - the second in the Little Women series - that life is too short to read books you don't like. Happy reading!


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