Hello Again

And now you might be singing either The Cars or Neil Diamond in your head like me.
Actually, Neil came to mind first, which was rather surprising since I was am a die hard Cars fan.
But I love Neil too.
Don't judge.

Hello 2012.
Four days in and all.

So far so good.

I haven't made any new goals/resolutions, at least not in a formal way, yet. I think they're the same ones I carry over from year to year. Do better, eat better, exercise better (like regularly), yada, yada, yada...

But I do like the freshness of a new year. A new beginning.

This sight makes me a little melancholy every year.
Goodbye Frasier 2011, you were a great little tree. Thanks for keeping us company and sharing your fragrance (and your needles) over the last month, we appreciate your service and your sacrifice so much.

We should plant a tree in your honor.
We probably won't, but we should.

I'm also a little sad there will be no more lazy morning Lego assembly around here (Annelise has put together the Night Bus, Hagrid's Hut and is now working on Hogwarts).
It was a little rough this morning (too many late nights and a skimpy refrigerator) getting ourselves, and I guess by that I mean Annelise, together (breakfast, packed lunch, etc.) and out the door.
The good news is she was EXCITED to go back to school and we somehow managed to be early.

Now let me tell you a little about something I'm excited about.

I've jumped in feet first to Project Life and am in red hot love with it.
As I am prone to do with new things.

It's a back to basics approach for scrapbooking, using divided page protectors and pre-made inserts/journaling cards that keep the focus on the photos and the story.

I love that.

I'd had the supplies for a while but of course hadn't started. I was trying to decide whether to try and backtrack for 2011 or start fresh for 2012. For several weeks this was my dilemma.

And why is it again that I never seem to finish anything?

I finally decided I could do both. Or at least I'd try.
So for several days over the holiday break I could be found merrily working away at my craft table (but only the center of it) while watching The West Wing.

Sidenote: My craft room is a disaster. Totally a hot mess going on in there. I've ignored it for far too long, but the urge to get started on Project Life has so far overpowered my revulsion to the clutter surrounding me.

I love the simple concept of Project Life, the flexibility, the supplies, the colors...all of it! Slipping in photos, a main colored date card and the journaling cards puts scrapbooking in a whole new realm for me, as in not so overwhelming any more.  It's simple, but the layouts still look great (at least I think so). There's plenty of room for journaling--either a lot or a little--and places to put mementos like ticket stubs, receipts, mementos, etc., which I love.

I will hush up about it for now (but plan to do another post about it soon).
(This was me most of Monday. PJs and Project Life most of the day. Swoon.)
And here I am yesterday. As in the first day I got dressed and put on my face in far too long. Possibly a week? That's terrible. (I did shower every day, but just put my PJs back on.) Maybe I've been blahpressed (which is my word for a general feeling of the blahs for no particular reason). And? I think my junk food and laziness has caught up with me. Pufftastic.

We finally saw the new Muppet Movie yesterday.
It was cute.
Not as fantastic as I was hoping, but cute.
I'm glad to see an interest in The Muppets resurge and a whole new generation (or two) discover their awesomeness, but...Jason Segel bugged me and parts of the movie dragged and seemed forced to me.
But still, they're The Muppets and I l.o.v.e them.
After the movie we had a late lunch early supper at one of our favorite Tex-Mex haunts. I snapped this photo of Annelise and was surprised to catch a glimpse of her younger self. My heart breaks.
On our way home, since I was dressed and wise enough to take advantage of this rarity, we stopped by Office Depot to feed my Sharpie addiction. Bliss.

My recent library haul:
I'm reading Work Song by Ivan Doig right now and I like it. I really enjoyed his book The Whistling Season a few weeks ago. I haven't read anything lately though that just grabs me and won't let me put it down. I miss that kind of reading. I'm sure I'll have to re-check these as I've been a slacker reader of late.

And finally...

Wait, is anyone still here?

With Frasier gone our family room is back to normal. Except it's not so normal because I decided we should leave our Christmas tree inclusive furniture arrangement for a while instead the way it was pre-Christmas.
(Sorry for the dark photo)
Scott is slightly opposed to this since one chair blocks the fireplace, but since I'm a 43 year old hormonal banshee I'm fairly positive I won't be missing a roaring fire in a confined space anytime soon.

I think I told y'all this before, but on Christmas Eve I had an urge to update our photo frames/put out new ones, and so I did. New photos are happily residing on our mantel, top of our armoire, side bookcases and nestled in our bookcases upstairs. The photos are from our NYC trip, our Florida trip and just some general ones. And I LOVE how it's made our room cozier and homier. And me happier. I don't know why I always put that kind of stuff off (laziness? procrastination?), but I do. So I'm kind of proud of my little old self for actually following through with something.
(Sorry for the super bright photo.)
Here's a closer look at the mantel. I still feel like it needs something. Or am I cray-cray?

Okay, I apologize for the longest, rambly-est blog post ever.

But I haven't blogged for four days.

Now we know how dangerous that can be.

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

*Do abandoned Christmas trees twist your heart a little too?*
*Are you getting back to a post holiday routine?*
*Any (new) Muppet Movie opinions?*
*Do you have spells of blahpression too? Antidotes?*
*Do you feel pufftastic like me?*
*Read anything that grabs you and won't let go lately? Please share!*


  1. Opinion: Muppet Movie the best movie I've seen in a LONG time. LOOOOOVE.

  2. Yay for Project Life! I'm about to start mine and can't wait! What color did you get?

  3. Rochelle: I hope I didn't sound harsh about the Muppet Movie--I really, REALLY liked it!! I think my expectations were a little high and warped a bit by nostalgia.

    Valerie: I hope this doesn't sound crazy, but I ordered the Turquoise kit and the Amber kit back in Oct./Nov., but just recently started. The album I started to backtrack 2011 is a mix of both of those colors, which actually work well together. I ordered the new Clementine kit for 2012 and it's on its way now. Squeal!!

    Which ones do you use?

  4. We really enjoyed the Muppets. It was so silly and forced, but that is why it was so fun, to me.

    Yes, feeling puffy, although two women at the gym today (teacher and regular class attendee) told me I looked like I had lost weight! My new best friends, obviously.

    I am reading Dance with Dragons, the fifth book in Game of Thrones series and I love it. It is a monster of a book (900 pages) but since I got a Kindle for Christmas (yippee!) I'm reading it much faster now. I'm very sad that the next book is still being written and I will have to wait for it.

  5. phantom tollbooth-a fun read!! my daughter and I just finished reading The Hunger Games. If you like young adult fiction this is a really good one! I am starting the second book tonight (it's a trilogy)

  6. Love your blog! I found it via Instagram and just wanted to tell you that I've enjoyed reading it this morning. You mentioned that you think the mantle still needs a little something.....Your family photo (which is gorgeous) just needs to be bigger. It would cover more of your blank space above the mantle and fill it those gaps. Sorry, I'm also a pro photographer (and a runner) and a fan of ginormous pictures. ;) Makes all the difference in the world!


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