#janphotoaday {days 1 - 12}

i've actually stuck with something for twelve days (technically thirteen but that's for another post).
in an effort to ease into a project 365 photography project for 2012, i jumped in to the #janphotoaday challenge on instagram. it's been fun to have a theme every day.
here are days 1- 12:
1. you (or in this case me, already in bed with my book, i found out about this project late in the day).
2. breakfast (coffee and steel cut oats with strawberries)
3. adore (my new boots)
4. letterbox
5. something i wore (and i actually exercised!)
6. makes me smile (sonic happy hour for 3)
7. favorite (healthy green smoothie)
8. my sky (gray & cloudy)
9. routine (car pick-up line, my nemesis)
10. childhood (hot cocoa & marshmallows, our child's favorite treat)
11. where i sleep (my side)
12. close-up (my favorite silver rings)

stay tuned for the rest...

here is the list for #janphotoaday in case any of y'all want to play along too. c'mon, it'll be fun!
and on another note of randomness that i must get off my chest, i was trapped in a PTF meeting this morning for over a ridiculous hour and am feeling a bit bitter about the whole thing.

not that it's that big a deal or anything.

but i was only interested in my responsibility for the class art project for the school auction, which was covered in the first 15-20 minutes. fine. then an overview of the entire auction plans/committees/tasks/past experiences/ blah diggity blah began and i was trapped, trapped i tell you on false pretenses (i thought the meeting was only about the class art projects, not the entire auction).

and there were several miss know-it-alls in attendance as well.

oh the horror.

it was all i could do to not roll my eyes eleventy thousand times.

if i ever come across as a miss know-it-all you hereby have permission to slap me.

okay. i feel better now. thanks for listening.

happy friday, y'all!


  1. What's in the green smoothie? Where can i find the picture challenge?
    Keep the posts coming. Love them.


  2. Chelsea: for the smoothie I blend a couple handfuls of spinach, sometimes a leaf or two of kale too with 8oz. almond milk, a banana and sometimes fresh pineapple. I've been adding a scoop of Amazing Wheat Grass powder too lately. I try to drink one a day or every few days if I can. They're really yummy!

    The challenge is on Instagram, you can search the tag #janphotoaday.


    (I tried to email you but didn't see your email linked to your profile, sorry.)

  3. The know-it-all....umm...is the reason I say "NO" to all the school stuff 99% of the time. Matter of fact, the only time I've set foot in the school this year is to eat Thanksgiving lunch and to pick up a sick boy. PS- *adore* those boots!


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