#janphotoaday {days 13 - 25}

the #janphotoaday instagram challenge has been so much fun this month. having a theme each day has been helpful (so i'm not just snapping oodles of photos of our cats or my feet--notthattheresanythingwrongwiththat) and has motivated me to take at least one photo each day. 
here are the latest and greatest...
13. inside my bag
14. was supposed to be something i was reading, which at the time was in the garden of beasts by eric larson but i deleted some photos from my phone after making these collages and had my days mixed up and guess what? that photo is gone, baby gone. oops.
15. happiness (morning coffee, are you surprised?)
16. morning (MLK holiday = IHOP breakfast)
17. water. ( that's some of our high quality h2o)
18. something you bought (breakfast taquito) (actually, scott bought it)
19. sweet (overpriced candy at the movies)
20. someone(s) you love (my people) (and tex-mex)
21. reflection (after getting my hairs did on saturday)
22. my shoes (after a workout, whoop!)
23. something(s) old (my diehl fan collection, my maiden name was diehl)
24. guilty pleasure (my hips & heiny enlarge as soon as i walk in the door, but it's so good and so bad at the same time)
25. something i made (lunch) (tuna salad)

there are only a few days left for january's challenge, but guess what? fatmumslim has created a new list of daily photo challenges for february. 

i'm so happy the fun will continue!
y'all should join in too, the more the merrier.
some days i miss (or feel uninspired) and i have to play catch up, but that's okay. if you skip a day or two or whatevs just catch up when you can or just jump back in. no pressure. no rules.
it's inspiring to see so many interpretations on each day's theme and a fun way to document your month.
i hope y'all will play along!

p.s. i'm marathonbird on instagram
p.p.s. i've been using the project 365 app on my phone to keep track of my photos and must admit it's highly satisfying to watch the month fill up.


  1. I'm having fun with it too. I don't know if I'll do every day in February, but I'm sure I'll do some.

  2. looks like fun. now that I have a new (husband's old cast off) phone I can take and upload photos w/ it. maybe I'll join along for Feb. will have to look up that app


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