A Not So Typical Sunday Morning

So our little is sick this morning. This time it's a combo of sore throat, cough and a 99.7 temperature. With a side of glassy eyes. I'm blaming our yo-yo weather, cold-hot-cold-cold-hot-hot--often on the same day, even though there may not be any basis for my theory.
At first Annelise was camped out on the couch under a blanket but now she has gathered her strength to sit on the floor in front of the couch and build Legos while watching streaming Netflix. So far we've seen an animated Joseph movie, which I slightly pushed since we were missing church this morning and it turned out pretty good and now we're watching Veggie Tales. I love those little veggies and I'm glad she still enjoys them too.

There's a pot of taco soup simmering on the stove too, which is odd because I don't usually cook on Sundays. It might also seem a bit odd that I fixed taco soup for a cold, but I didn't have the fixings for chicken noodle soup so... taco soup it is.

Yesterday I had an appointment for a fairly long overdue hair refresher. I got my color and highlights jazzed up, said buh-bye to my grays for a while and got my hairs cut a bit. I would show you a picture but I don't have one yet. Plus she blew my hair dry using a round brush and oh my goodness my hairs were puffy. I felt like I was wearing a bouncy helmet the rest of the day. They've only just now began to settle down after sleeping on them for 7 hours. I know I should be thankful I have thick hair and plenty of it, and I am really, but it can be frustrating sometimes (just ask Susan when she's having to blow dry it with a round brush).

I got a disturbing email the other day about the photo site Picnik.com closing in April. Why Picnik, WHY? How am I going to make my 12x12 photo grids ever again without crying? I'm not sure, but I think Google is to blame somehow.

What else do I have to tell you? Oh...are y'all watching Once Upon a Time (on ABC Sunday nights)? It's sooooo good!! I'm hooked. You should totally check it out and set your DVRs (and as another arm twist, the creators--or writers?--of LOST are also behind Once Upon a Time). While you're setting your DVR timers you should also add Masterpiece Theater's Downton Abbey (PBS Sunday nights) to your schedule. Oh it's beyond good y'all (if you like period dramas, clever dialogue, class differences and Maggie Smith that is). You can catch up on last season on Netflix too.

And believe me I've noticed how I talk a lot about TV and movies and light and fluffy daily drivel-y stuff a lot lately (always?) and not the heavier stuff like Scott's ongoing unemployment, a looming sense of uncertainty and gaining weight (me). I don't know. I feel like I censor myself here sometimes or just avoid talking about certain things because they are 1.) depressing and b.) not bright and shiny and 3.) I truly don't have much to complain about because there are oodles and oodles and caboodles of people in far worse situations so what business do I have to whine and complain anyway? None.

But then those thoughts still swirl around in my head and really want to be free (as in out of my crazy place). 


I avoid them.

But maybe I should get back to journaling? That would probably be a good thing. Yes.

I can carry on a compete conversation by myself.

It's good to have talents.


  1. I've been wondering about Scott's unemployment but figured you guys must have excellent savings to be so fearless. Randy is unemployed (again!). We're less panicked this time around since we had good notice and are getting severance, but still...it's highly unsettling.

    Taco soup seems like a good sinus clearer so is probably good for a cold!

  2. I was confused when I got the picnik email.

    Hope Annelise is better!

  3. I have sort of started to journal. For many of the same reasons. Plus, family reads my blog and would probably misinterpret some of what I write and it is not worth the drama. As long as you are getting those thoughts out somewhere then it is all good.

    I've started the first episode of Downton Abbey on Netflix, but have not finished it. Husband is not tremendously interested and my time to watch on my own is limited. But I know I will love it. Same with Once Upon a Time, never started watching it, so recording it now seems silly and Travis probably wouldn't want to watch it either (we never watched even one episode of Lost).

  4. I KNOW! I am SO sad about Picnik. I use it all the time - even for our Christmas card photos and my kids' Valentine's photos. So sad. I'm with you - somehow Google is to blame, but I couldn't really understand how from the email. Do let us know if you find a good alternative!


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