Project Life 2012: Week Three

I can't help thinking that if I am already so happy about Project Life at Week 3 (well, truth be told I was so happy about it before I even started!) then I'll probably be waaay over the moon with joy when I get to Week 52. I don't know if I'll be able to handle myself! I so enjoy seeing the little everyday tidbits starting to weave together and can only imagine the full story they will tell at the end of this project.

Here is an overview of this week's entire layout.
A closer look at the left side.
This week, just for kicks, I mixed in a few  journaling cards from the Amber kit with the ones from the Clementine kit and was pleased by the results. I like how you can mix and match to stretch your supplies even further and everything works together well.
One little life tidbit I included this week was a screenshot from Pinterest attached to a journaling card to show some of the recipes I want to try. I made one dish this week that was a HIT with my people so I talked about that on the other card and tucked them both into a 4x6 slot.
In the other 4x6 slots I used a photo of a surprise silhouette I snapped of Annelise at chapel and at the bottom I tucked in one of Annelise's homework pages where she wrote about serving others.

Here's a look at the right side, with a 6x12 insert.
I just slipped Annelise's report card that came home this week into the sleeve, along with a 4x6 journaling card (one of the folded ones left open). I love the flexibility of using inserts like the 6x12 sleeves or another divided protector trimmed down (I do like for the inserts to be smaller than the layout spread if possible, it just seems more cohesive to me).
Here's the right side without the insert.
I can't believe we saw two movies last week, that's so not the norm. Since Monday was a holiday we three went to see We Bought a Zoo and then I'd been dying to see Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close since I had loved the book, so Scott and I went to a matinee on the day it opened (FYI the book was better).

I tried using plain return address stickers for additional journaling space right on the photo. I like having the extra space but am still on the fence about attaching a sticker right on the photo, also I worry it makes things too busy--and yet I still like it. Wishy washy is what I am.
I also used an adhesive flip-up page protector for a few extra photos. I like how they provide more photo space when needed and add dimension.
And that my friends is my third week of Project Life.

I'm determined to keep this project simple, using the core kit cards, photos and weekly memorabilia and occasionally adding simple embellishments. So far it's been totally doable and not too labor or time extensive at all. For reals. That makes me very happy and highly optimistic about seeing this project through to the end. (!!)

I'm linking up at The Mom Creative, be sure to pop over there for more Project Life inspiration.
The Mom Creative
Thanks for stopping by & happy memory keeping!


  1. I like your pinterest screen shot. Good idea.
    There is lots to love about your pages.
    I'm with you, I love PL now and I know I'm going to love it even more when I get to week 52!

  2. oooh adhesive flip up page...likey! I too am in love with PL and can't wait to see this journey unfold this year. love all your little photos and the mix between the amber and clemen is perfect, I can't tell which is from which :) love. Keep Calm and Project Life On!

  3. I like the return address sticker - it looks clean yet cute!

  4. love your mix of different page protectors and all the little bits and pieces of daily life! i'm going to try that address label idea!

  5. I think the use of the elements from different editions of the kit mixes things up a little. Your pages look eye-catching, not too busy at all.
    The edition mash-up is what I'm doing this year too - so many options. Fabulously flexible huh!

  6. Love the silhouette shot and all your cool add ons.

  7. Great layout! I love seeing how others are incorporating their instagram photos. Love it! Your style is awesome!

  8. well done, I am mixing my Amber kit with my Clemintine kit too! I love to see different thing other people do in their books. Thanks for sharing your life with us

  9. I really like your additional insert & your flip-ups! Very lovely!

  10. That silhouette photo is striking - it works very well in your layout.

    I enjoyed looking - you have lots of interesting bits and pieces.



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