Project Life 2012: Weeks 1 & 2

Who's so excited to be working on her Project Life album for 2012? 

Is it me?

Let's take a peek at the cover page first shall we?
A simple combination of 4x6  & 3x4 cards from the Clementine core kit along with a few photos are working for now as the first page to my 2012 album. I used some of my stamps to add a bit of flair (?) to the red and blue postcard title card.
I stamped the word family on a scrap of patterned paper and added it to this photo of our family of Chucks. I like the way it turned out but I don't want to get in the habit of thinking I always need to stamp or add embellishments to my layouts (more on that in a bit). Simple is A-OK!

Here's a look at Week 1:
A closer look at the left side.
I tucked our movie tickets in with the photo of us holding them, redundant I know, but still, along with part of our candy box. I used one 4x4 Instagram photo (printed through the Postal Pix app) along with a journaling card to fill out the 4x6 slot. The small photo of our discarded Christmas tree was printed 2x2 which fits nicely on a journaling card. The rest of the photos were printed 4x6 on our home printer, some were trimmed down to fit in the journaling card slots. 

Here's a closer look at the right side.
I did add a few simple tags with bakers twine to two of the larger photos. I also tucked in a note Annelise wrote about how she promised to use the laptop only for educational games. I slipped in some patterned paper I had on hand to fill in the space behind it.

Here's the layout for Week 2.
This week was really, well, ordinary. I was worried I wouldn't have anything to fill the slots and absolutely no story to tell. I briefly thought about combining weeks (which might happen from time to time) but didn't want to do that the second week in 2012 (that seemed right out of Loserville to me for some reason).

So four of the photos were taken on the same day and there's no *big event* of our week to tell, but I realized that's okay (I'm learning it's really hard to shift my mindset from event type documenting to ordinary weekly, daily stuff).

A closer look at the left side.
I used photos from my #janphotoaday challenge, one of Annelise doing her homework and playing possum on the couch and wrote a little about all that on the journaling cards. I added one tag wrapped with twine to a photo for a bit of extra journaling space.

Here's the right side.
We played games Friday night so I ended up using photos from that (I used the self-timer to take the shots of us playing) and Annelise even wrote about her favorite games on a card. I felt like I was stretching things a little this week since I didn't take a lot of photos of us during the week doing whatever we did. I hope I get better about that!

Here's a closer look at what Annelise wrote on a journaling card. I love including her take on things in our album (Scott's too) and hope she'll always be agreeable when I ask her to fill one out.
As another little filler, I printed a screen shot of recent texts between Scott and me (and Annelise). I had texted him an 80s reference and of course when he didn't text me back I had to send him another one. Good thing there are always plenty of 80s references handy when you need them.
Weeks 1 and 2  of 2012 were just ordinary weeks for us, no major events or celebrations, just life. As I said before, this type of non-event driven memory keeping is new to me, but I'm trying to focus on the bigger picture of all of these ordinary (and probably a few not so ordinary) weeks all eventually adding up to tell our story for 2012.

That's going to be a big batch of awesome!

And just in case anyone is new here and wondering what in the world I'm talking about...

I'm using Becky Higgins' Project Life system to document our lives each week for 2012 and then showing y'all my progress each week (or so) here on my blog. Wait, does that mean I'm going to be making 52 scrapbook layouts this year? (Gulp.) Yes, yes it does. I'll be using Design A divided page protectors for the bulk of my album, along with occasional inserts when needed. My goal is to keep things simple (keeping the emphasis on photos and journaling) mainly using the cards from the Clementine Core Kit, Sharpie markers and pens, a date stamp and my Crop-a-Dile Corner Chomper to round my photo corners. I might scrap things up from time to time with other papers, stamps, tags or simple embellishments but I'm making a pact with myself to use what I have in my craft stash first (!!) and not allow the evil foe comparison steal my joy when I see fabulously crafty & creative layouts online (whoa, that last part is a doozy).

I'm joining in the link-up at The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday, be sure to pop over there for more layout inspiration!
The Mom Creative

Thanks for reading & happy memory keeping, y'all!


  1. This is so great! Seriously, it almost makes me want to scrapbook. I love that you are capturing the ordinary, since that is the bulk of our lives.

  2. you've got me hooked! I keep trying to order a kit, but they are out of certain page layouts and some of the core kits. They say they are going to be available in February, so I guess I'll have to wait! :(

  3. i recognized you from wiww on the pleated poppy!
    love your album so far. even a boring week will be fun to look back on years from now!

  4. Yes! A big batch of awesome. I love the handwritten cards and copies of the texts. Great project for this year, go for it!

  5. They look great - I love the twine addition!

  6. so glad to see someone else I "know" is doing project life. This is my first year and I LOVE it so far as well. Your book looks great. I will have to get back to blogging and get a picture of my stuff posted as well. I also appreciate the link to The Mom Creative...what a great site. Keep up the great work... Happy 2012!


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