This & That Thursday

I know. That title just draws you in doesn't it?

But how else does one address the many randoms in one's life?

Yesterday, second grade put on a little skit in chapel based on Harry the Dirty Dog (I know, a bit of a stretch, but think about Harry getting a bath and our sins being washed away), which turned out cute. Annelise (and most of second grade) was a narrator and they all lined up on one side of the stage to rotate through their turns while a few of the other boys and girls acted out the *story*. I took a few pictures but they all were a little blurry (kids, why must you always be moving?) BUT I was surprised by how much I ended up liking this surprise silhouette.

I never got around to making one of those like I said I would years ago. Maybe I still could (should).
Since Monday was a holiday (thanks MLK!) we had a late--and delicious--morning breakfast at IHOP.

And no I did not exercise that day either.

And yes, not only is this post random, it's also out of chronological order.

I am living on the edge people.
When we left, our waiter brought me a to-go cup of fresh hot coffee unsolicited. (!!)

How did he know coffee is my love language?

He was already a really good waiter in my book but he immediately moved to the top of the class.

We rolled on out of there on our full tummies and made our way over to the movies to see We Bought a Zoo.

When we pulled up to the theater for Scott to drop us off so Annelise and I could buy tickets while he parked (we have a system) he noticed me rearranging my purse so I could ever-so-carefully stuff my fresh & hot to-go coffee inside and smuggle it inside the theater. He asked me what in the world was I doing.

What? Like I was going to let a FREE steaming cup of coffee that hadn't even been sipped yet go to waste?

Annelise didn't even bat an eyelash, she knows me and remembers the Ramona incident all too well.

The good news is 1.) I have a big purse, b.) the coffee didn't spill a drop and 3.) I got to enjoy my coffee throughout the movie. Score! We also ran into a friend of Annelise's from school, which resulted in the required shrill squeals of glee and hugs in the lobby, followed by a bit of seat rearranging so they could sit together.

The movie was really sweet and funny in parts, but there was some language. I knew there might be since it was PG but I forgot to check it on PluggedIn before we went. The good news is Annelise really doesn't know bad words when she hears them. The little girl (Rosie) was absolutely adorable in the movie, but it really wasn't necessary to have her say, "So and so, you're a rhymes with Rick." Of course Annelise and her friend were all, "What's a rhymes with Rick????...What's a rhymes with Rick mean????"


In other news, we watched American Idol last night. I made my yearly protest that I wasn't going to get sucked in again no matter how much I like JLo and Steven Tyler and then of course settled right on in and watched it. Two things: a.) I really, really, really liked Phillip Phillips there at the end. Was he not the cutest thing? And oozing talent too. And 2.) What in the world is up with Steven Tyler's pimp hat? Is this going to be his trademark thing this season? I kept thinking of Fat Albert's friend Shell.

Or maybe Jimmie Walker (DYN-O-Mite) from Good Times.

Okay, I have a third thing, I didn't notice it so much last season, but the way that Steven Pimp Daddy T. was looking leering at some of the girls was downright creepy. Ugh.

And finally, did I tell y'all that Annelise and I are doing Mother/Daughter tap again? It's true. We are. And I'm actually not dreading the whole thing, so that's good. It's also good that our costumes this year, while still spandex, do NOT have fringe, gingham or misplaced stars. Right now it's only the moms learning the dance and then the girls join us sometime in March.
See, there's some proof (I snapped that at the end after most everyone left, so it only looks like I was dancing by myself a la Billy Idol).

This year we're doing a routine, well, there's just no easy way to say this...

We're Angry Birds.

The girls, of course, are the birds and the moms are the big bird (?) that tries to catch them.

Or something to that effect.

It should be pretty cute.

The song is techno-dancey and a little fast, but I have hope that I will master it. Eventually.

Okay folks, I guess that's plenty enough random for one day (cue marching band & fireworks).

Happy Thursday, y'all!


  1. i love the random because lets face it - that's how every one of us goes through the day! ;)

  2. I think it is so awesome that you tap with Annelise. Seriously. My girls would probably be over the moon if I ever did that. They'll have to settle for Zumba. ;)

  3. I bring all kinds of goods into movies but have never tried coffee. It pains me to buy food there and I flat out refuse. I even bring my own popcorn.

    I love going to chapel with Luci at school also. Our bishop is coming to chapel at her school next Friday so we have been talking about that. Luci's school has a beautiful outdoor chapel out in the woods as well which I just love.

  4. I also love to carry snacks into the movies, Steve is really embarrassed by it. But I also usually buy a drink or something, so that makes it ok, in my mind, at least. And I'm with you about Steven Tyler! The leering seems worse to me. But I do love him.


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