12 on the 12th {February}

01. Watched a bit of BBC's Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren with my morning coffee (thanks to Netflix & my Keurig).
02. Breakfast in the form of a chocolate Shakeology smoothie (they're really quite yummy).
03. Driving to church while putting on my lipstick & lip gloss (isn't that what rearview mirrors are for?)
04. Tried something edgy: boot socks with my dress (my personal style jury on this is still out).
05. Self-portrait with Annelise.
06. Lunch at La Madeleine (spinach salad for me, breakfasts for Scott and Annelise).
07. Quick trip to the mall to get new eyeliner (I love the creme lash liner by Buxom in Leatherette) and an impulse purchase of some new perfume (Calvin Klein Euphoria). I seriously cannot go into Sephora unsupervised. Or at least I shouldn't.
08. Who could walk by Godiva and ignore it? Not us.
09. Looks like the mall wore out our little person. Or maybe she's just a really good possum impersonator?
10. Annelise  finished up her mail-out valentines and wrote a few notes (and yes, we hang plastic shopping bags and other odds & ends on our chairs, don't you?)
11. I love it when she digs out my old (antique? vintage?) Fisher Price Little People sets and plays with them all afternoon. Heart swells.
12. Tex-Mex supper after evening church. Oy vey. Er...I mean ole!

(I really don't know how I'm going to make my 12x12 grids once all the ants eat up Picnik in April. Do y'all have any suggestions? And just so you know, Photoshop Elements has been known to make me cry.)

And that, my friends is a little peek at our twelfth. How was yours?

I'm linking up with Amy, be sure to pop over there for more 12 on the 12th fun!


  1. sounds like a great day!! awesome pics...love the 12 on the 12th concept...great idea~I spent the day with broken water pipes and carpet cleaners,...did get pics and the plumbers even posed for me!...can;t wait to see your next posts!

  2. My 12th was unexciting. Highlight was dinner out after Mass, an unexpected treat.

  3. Looks like a fun day! And yes, we hang plastic bags in our kitchen too. Haha!

  4. i seriously miss the way i used to celebrate valentine's. being a kid makes that holiday ten times better. ohhh my i feel the same way about picnik! i use them for EVERYTHING including my 12 on the 12th grids! i already have anxiety over the end of that site.

  5. I am so SO sad about Picnik, too. I've been rushing to try to get some projects done before they close. :(

    I haven't taken the time to check out any of these, but I ran across a post listing some alternatives to Picnik. Hopefully one of them will work for all of us Picnik lovers!

  6. What a fun day.

    I use picasa to make my 12x12 collage.

  7. thanks to valerie for the post on picnik alternatives. I have a jewelry business on etsy (oak hill designs) and I use picnik ALOT, so I was getting nervous! I messed around for a short time on befunky.com and I think I like it better than picnik!


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