Five for Friday

Good morning, y'all!

01. It's raining cats and dogs and a few other small animals outside this morning so I am nestling in with my coffee, laptop and Jim Caviezel for a little while. We've been watching Person of Interest and it's slowly growing on me. We totally mock the way Jim (Mr. Reese) is a low-talker but we like the quirky Mr. Finch (former Ben on Lost) and the fact it's set in NYC. Oh and the whole Big Brother/Somebody's Always Watching You theme.

02. I managed to do my TurboFire workout yesterday (on my still tender foot) after all, but I took it easy on the jumpy parts. It still felt good. Then, and then, I broke out my cheesy Brazil Booty Lift DVDs to do some, ahem, targeted toning. Owie!

03. Annelise stayed after school yesterday to practice for the next stage of the speech meet competition. She placed first in her category (bible memorization) for her class, so she gets to compete at another school, like an area wide thing, in early March. She's highly excited about this, mainly because she gets to officially miss a day of school. Since she was staying after school and then we'd be scrambling right over to dance, I packed her a large-ish snack (granola bar, clementine & small box of raisins), told her & showed her where I put it and she acknowledged my efforts. When I picked her up after speech practice she exclaimed, loudly, that she was starving. It turns out she ate her after school snack at morning snack time, her morning snack (cut pears) at lunch and only had the small teeny-tiny box of raisins for the afternoon. What the what? 

04. Okay. Valentine's Day has totally sneaked up on me this year. I usually get the stuff for Annelise's party and cards early, like crazy early and now I have a sneaky suspicion I'll be digging through the dregs of candy Monday afternoon and fighting through the mobs of other slackers like me. Sigh. The good news is I think her class party is extremely low-key this year, like hardly a thing, so I just have to get stuff for her cards. I'm 99 & 34/100ths % sure we'll be doing the 3D photo card (where she's holding her fist out with a Tootsie Pop or pencil or something) again. Goal for the weekend: take cute photo & buy candy. You heard it here first.

05. Y'all. The cursor has been blinking here at #5 for a good fifteen minutes. Nothing. That's what comes to mind.

Oh...here's a little something. My shellac manicure is still going strong (can you see my fingers clutching my coffee up above?) after week 2. There's some separation from the cuticles since my nails have grown, but only two teeny-tiny chips on two of my nails--but nothing like the chips from a regular polish manicure (which would have been gone, baby, gone by now anyway). I'll probably stretch it into next week and then get them redone (and this time I'm going to have her shorten them even more, I hate talons).

(Hmm...maybe I should have just let that cursor keep blinking after all.)

Happy, happy weekend my friends!


  1. I loved that 3D photo card you did, I think I saw it on Design Mom or something too. But I am too lazy for that now. Kim bought a huge box of valentines for all the kids to divide up and bring to school and I'm calling it good.

  2. Seriously considering shellac manicure for Blissdom. I like my pretty, natural long nails but would like them to be polished and not chip. Which seems impossible.


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