Running. I'm Bringing It Back.

Just like Justin Timberlake.
But not.

I really couldn't tell you the last time my feet hit the street. Once, sometime in January? Before Christmas? Mid-November? Somewhere just shy of the last sweet forever?
Yeah. Probs.
And that makes me sad. Especially based on the fact that once I finally do get myself out there my red-hot, albeit dormant, love of running comes immediately swooshing back to me.
Once my legs are moving, my feet start shuffling with tunes blasting in my ears, I remember how much I like to do this (even when I act like I don't) and I realize how much I've missed it.

Even when it rained while running and I were getting back together this morning I didn't turn tail and retreat (truth: it was a mere sprinkle).

Maybe, just maybe, we're back together for good.

Shoelaces crossed.

P.S. This was my first run since I hurt my foot earlier this month and the good news is it didn't whine at me too much over the course of three miles, which is encouraging. The bad news is after my procrastination (read: laziness, denial & avoidance) when it came to, um...training, combined with my foot woes, I won't be running the streets of New Orleans this weekend after all. The good news is I'm only out $38.00 and not a full price race fee. The terrible, awful, no-good, very bad, move to Australia kind of news is I'll miss out on a fun weekend & running with my awesome friend (please don't hate me Heather!). Boo me.


  1. Go HOLLY!!!

    gosh it is so darn hard...
    But YOU can do it!

  2. Good for you for getting back out there! I'm over here trying to convince myself I can be ready for a half by 3/31... it's hard sometimes but we CAN do it!

    p.s. I just started following your blog and only telling u because my picture does not come up in the sidebar thingy and I just wanted you to know it's me! :D

  3. awww! too bad you will have to miss your NO half! :( but keep doing what you're doing and you'll be back at it soon enough! my husband and I are doing the OKC half marathon at end of April if you think you'll be ready by then! ;)


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