And In Other News

It dawned on me tonight that most of my posts of late have all been of the hodgepodge-y random, brain dump variety.

I'm sorry.

Did I used to have cohesive, organized, themed posts? Ever? Maybe I'm remembering wrong, but it seems like I occasionally did.
And yet. Still.

Here I go again with the random.

Over the weekend we had a wonderful visit in the country with Scott's sister, brother-in-law and brother.
I'll post more photos and notes from the trip soon, but I'll tease you with the one I took for Saturday's #marchphotoaday Day 17: green of the serene pond behind their house. Bliss.

Day 18's theme was a corner of my home. I was up working at my craft table on Project Life (yes, I'm trying to catch up, will be posting my progress soon) so I snapped a photo of one corner of my craft room. This side shows random craft projects that have been abandoned along with other junk that gets dumped there until a proper home is found (as if). The sad thing is that every other corner looks the same, though the other three have a variety of craft supplies/projects, storage boxes and Annelise's clothes that need to be sorted and passed on. It's pretty terrible. I think about dedicating hours or days to tackling it, and I know it could be soooo much better if I would just start, but I never do. I just clear a path and a semi-work area at the table and ignore the rest.
Another way I avoid de-cluttering and organizing is by escaping to the hair salon (heehee).
I'm still growing out my angled bob. At least I'm trying. I really, really, really miss my shorter hair but I miss ponytails and up-dos so I'm anxious to see how far I can get with this project. Today I just had a few foils done in the front to cover up a bit of grey and dark regrowth and then she cut some longer layers and texturized the heck out of my hair. Which is just what it needs. 
Now it's more of a layered bob. I think. But I like that it moves and swishes instead of just sitting on my shoulders like a shrub.

Once my hairs were all done and the Dish Network guy was finished* Scott and I went for a yummy late lunch at Genghis Grill. We had a coupon for 1/2 off one bowl, FTW.
*About that Dish Network guy, I know I just told y'all last week we were this close to canceling our service and scaling back our TV (I know!), and then in the end we (and by we, I mean he) just couldn't cut the cord. Well. Did you know that Dish Network came out (like this week) with a new DVR system that records up to six, count them SIX, different shows at the same time? Well. Scott has been waiting with bated breath for this *new thing* and could not wait to schedule an upgrade.

We now have a Hopper and a Joey and I have yet to figure out how to operate them.

But when I do, I can record up to six different shows.

(See, the old way could only record two things and if something was recording on TV1 (Heaven forbid!) then Scott was blocked (the horror!) from flipping through channels freely and randomly. Old way = terrible (here in the first world), new way = awesome (we'll see).

And speaking of books.

Oh wait. We weren't.

I finished reading The Paris Wife, and liked it. Some parts fell flat and Hadley came across as more of a dependent doormat to Hemingway than I think she truly was (not that I know anything about her), but I still enjoyed the book. Now I'm reading A Moveable Feast as a Hemingway-Paris in the 20s follow-up.

Waiting in the wings from the library are several books by Anne Lamott, which I'm eagerly looking forward to digging into, along with Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs and Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James. I started Death Comes to Pemberley last night and had a difficult time getting into it. I think I would much more enjoy spending my time reading Jane Austen than plodding through Jane Austen pseudo-sequels. So we shall see.

And speaking of health and fitness.

Oh wait. We weren't.

I've had two and a half (3/4s really) good days with both my food choices and exercises.
So, yay!

Then tonight I didn't eat supper but I did eat Ben & Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch after tap class.
And no, I did not stop at the halfway mark.

You win some.
You lose some.

And sometimes you just eat the whole dadburned thing.


  1. texture in the hair is GOOD! gotta love it. unfortunately I am past the 'just foil' stage and now have to color and then foil. I blame it on my kids!

  2. Loved Miss Peregrine's Home--different, quirky, not too serious. I had considered reading Death Comes to Pemberley but have yet to read a good review, so not rushing to get to it. I'm reading Hunger Games again before I see it next week. :)


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