Five for Friday

I had to think for a minute or twelve to figure out if today was truly Friday.

These spring break days have obviously started to blend together as they are wont to do.

1.) When you have low expectations for our spring break experience a short playdate with friends and even a mundane trip to Target (especially if you get to steer the cart), the bank and Taco Cabana can seem like the best. day. ever. Or if you are 8.
2.) Scott finished his jury duty yesterday.


And he could finally tell me about it.

As it turned out it was not nearly as exciting as I imagined in my brian. More of a credit card/bank fraud thing that crossed state lines so that's why it was a federal case.


However I do think I will get a kick out of saying, "Hey! Don't make a federal case out of it!" for a while just for old times sake.

3.) This should come as no huge surprise to any of y'all that have been semi-regulars around these here parts, but I quit the red lip challenge on Day 3.

Stick-with-it-ness. I need to get some.

I wore one more lipstick in the red family, MAC Hot Tahiti, and I liked it, but neglected to take any photos. It's more of a glaze, so not too heavy, and it's a warmer, brown-y red, as to not be so shocking.

I learned: a.) I can wear red lipstick but it made me a tad paranoid; b.) I'm much more comfortable with the warmer reds; c.) red lipstick must be applied perfectly and can smudge or bleed (unless it's Maybelline 24 Hour) and can draw attention to flaws more than nude or softer colors; and d.) I am MUCH more comfortable with nude or soft pinky mauves for everyday. 

4.) Annelise had her first soccer practice this week. It's been several years since she played (um...okay, whoa...how time flies...she might have been 4) and has begged to play off and on ever since. Slackers that we are, we always seemed to miss the registration deadline or only think about it when we'd see kids playing. But not this year. Hip-hip-hooray! She'll have practice once a week (Thursdays at 7:00, right after dance, which kind of bites) and a game on Saturdays.

5.) This morning, the last day of spring break, Annelise and I got our craft on. She declared it the best morning ever (this is apparently a pattern when you are 8). We made our own sidewalk chalk paint. Oh yes, we did. It totally met my crafting criteria: easy and cheap. FTW!
(I took more photos but they are trapped on my big camera and showing you right now would require me getting up from my chair. Please forgive me.)

Painting on our driveway was highly relaxing, yet fun and the colors dried really bright and cheery. I was pleasantly surprised! Annelise, at first, declared she wanted to paint all day, and actually managed to sit still long enough for a few creations. In the end though the siren call of collecting doodle bugs, playing tennis against the garage and rip-sticking up and down the driveway was just too strong.

I predict more driveway painting in our future, at least in short periodic bursts.

Happy, happy weekend, my friends!


  1. Inspired by your (now defunct) red lip challenge, I went red yesterday. One lady at work told me that I looked...interesting (which I am choosing to take as a compliment), but it was otherwise well received. I wore NARS Vesuvio which is a matte sort of brick red. I didn't use it this time, but when I went through my red phase, I used this clear waxy lip liner (which they no longer make) that you put on just outside your lip line which keeps the feathering and bleeding from happening. Maybe you could keep something like that on hand (you could also use a nude lip liner) for the next time you're feeling the red.

  2. am going to try the sidewalk paint!! prob won't try red lipstick though I am somewhat interested in the 24 hour product in another color...


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