Hello Monday {& Day 1 of The Red Lipstick Experiment}

Hello Monday.

Hello first day of spring break.

Hello sleepover at Pappo & Grandma's house for Annelise.

Hello jury duty for Scott.
Hello texting (I'm in blue, can you tell?).

I had a slew of juror movies to text (annoy) him with but he swiftly shut me down.

Hello h8r.

Hello getting picked for jury duty (oh yes he did!) and having to spend what might turn out to be the entire week of spring break as a juror, wearing a suit (oh yes he will be, the judge decreed it so) and not hanging out with his people.

Also? He can't talk about it. Hrrumph!

Hello new feet (well, not literally, but still) (and my apologies to the lady that had to work so hard on my callous ridden parts, it was rather embarrassing to see the dead skin fly).

Hello to starting a new book! 

I'm already enthralled.
Hello red lips, day 1.

(Like really, really red)
Hello MAC Red.

Wow. You are some red. Something of a pinky red, not too matte (read dry) and not too glossy.

I like you, I think, even though you made me slightly paranoid today. Says the girl who has fully embraced the nude lip for well over two years and fears red lips are, well, not for her. You are calling into question not only my wardrobe and makeup, but also my hair. I feel like I need dressier, classic, timeless clothes to go with bold red lips. Or I need to go punk. Which I won't. I'm also not sure about the rest of my makeup, I felt somewhat washed out since I tamed down my eyes to balance the bold lips. I felt like my lips were out there and the rest of me was scrambling to catch up. These are not wallflower lips.

Do I have the confidence to pull this experiment off? Can I back up what my lips are selling? Am I a red lip girl?
I'm not sure.

Stay tuned for another red test drive tomorrow...


  1. Tell me what you think of the Paris Wife when you are finished. I have it on my Amazon list and have been trying not to buy it since I have a gazillion other books at home. Maybe I can check it out at the library instead.

  2. Cracking up at the texts about the jury movies! :) I think the red lipstick looks great, you totally pull it off!
    Totally agree about daylight savings..can't stand getting up when it's still dark!

    I wasn't too sure about Toms either, but if you like chucks I'm sure you would like them. I have a pair of each and the Toms are actually more comfortable to me. My feet are wide and the chucks are not, ha! So when I wear them it's usually not too long.

  3. Loved The Paris Wife. We read it for my book club. Now I am getting ready to start Hemmingway's An Unmovable Feast, his "version" of the events happening at that same time. Many of my friends have read it and insist it is a must follow up book.

  4. I think the lipstick looks great on you! I have the MAC Red too. It's one of those that I put on, feel sassy and cute, the spend my day wondering why everyone is staring at my. Oh yeah, RED LIPS! ha!

    The more you wear it though, the more comfortable you get with it!

  5. purty red lips, Holly! Totally changes your look, I like how you "downplayed" your eyes to "showcase" the lips! :)

  6. Charlton: I am loving The Paris Wife so far. This is one from my to-read shelf I ordered from Amazon before my No More Buying of the Books rule. :) I can pass it along to you if you'd like. :)

    Bridget: Thanks for letting me know about The Moveable Feast. I put it on hold at the library as my follow-up read.

    Thanks y'all about the lipstick!


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