Hello Monday

Hello Monday.

Hello first full week of March.
March? Is it really March already? Is Spring Break really next week?
Apparently so.

Hello sunshine.


Hello blogging after a mini-break.

Hello beautiful weeds.
Hello to pausing to notice the simple beauty around me.
Hello to a nine year old in our house.
That's 63 in dog years.
And you would think I was torturing her by asking her to pose for a photo (albeit a horribly off-balanced white balance one, sorry) beside her gifts.
She's always been timid around boxes and bags of any size.
Even brand new boxes of her favorite treat.
She was much more relaxed once she started chewing up on her new Nylabone.
Maybe now she won't nervously lick her paws to pieces (note her sore spot on her foreleg).
Hello to the start of a fresh week.

Goodbye to a jam-packed weekend (albeit jam-packed with good things, but still).
I feel like I jumped out of bed at 6:00am Friday morning and hardly stopped until last night.

We spent a good chunk of Friday waiting while Annelise competed at the area wide speech meet in Channelview, otherwise known as the armpit of Houston. Scott and I sat in the corner of a gym surrounded by oodles of miscellaneous children and parents reading our books (or at least trying) (that's right, Scott is reading an actual book, not just a magazine or Yahoo blurb. He finished Killing Lincoln and is now reading the Steve Jobs biography, he's on a literary roll).

Annelise thought is was beyond awesome to miss a day a school, sit with her friends for hours, eat Mc Donald's for breakfast, 
play NintendoDS, eat candy, listen to music, and....
oh...yeah, recite her speech, go out to eat lunch with her friends and then receive an "excellent" ribbon at the awards ceremony later that afternoon.
Scott and I finished up Friday at the auction for Annelise's school, which is one of their two annual fundraisers. 

This was our first year to attend and while we enjoyed ourselves, I was left with a few mixed feelings.
Of course we love her school, we want to support their efforts, yada, yada, yada, but felt a teensy bit awkward during the live portion of the auction. The silent part was low-key, hence the silence part, and that was fine (read: no pressure, private). The big ticket items of the *live* portion weren't awkward because the starting bids were so out of our realm that we just ate our dessert while redunkulous amounts of money were being thrown verbally around the ballroom.

The awkwardness started once they started the class art projects and it quickly became obvious that shaming was the tactic employed to generate bids. Who wants to be put on the spot and publicly goaded into opening up their wallet? Not me. But we were. Who wants to look like a tightwad when money (albeit invisible money) is flying around the room without a second thought? Not us. But we probably did anyway. Is is tightwaddy to admit I was relieved to be outbid? Oh well. So be it.

This week I'm also saying HELLO...

To more morning runs.
So far so good (3.5 miles today).
I don't want to jinx myself, but it would be great if I could (would?) run at least four weekday mornings and then a longer run on Saturday morning. I'll keep you posted.

To yoga.
Last week I did YogaX once, this week I'd like to do it at least twice, maybe three times if I can. It really helps the tightness that builds up in my hips and legs from running wogging.

To being more disciplined with MyFitnessPal (read: my food choices).

To (hopefully) see results from the above goals.

To stop the negative self-talk concert playing on repeat in my brain related to above goals.

To catching up with Project Life (I'm somewhere in the neighborhood of two (three?) weeks behind).

What are you saying HELLO to this week?


  1. Yeah, live auctions can be very weird. Glad you got outbid too--sounds like you would have fretted about it had you won.

    Good luck on fitness goals. I have got to get more consistent, still. I'm averaging one good run a week and a couple classes maybe at the gym, but I need more. But I also need to sleep better. This morning I laid on the couch while kids watched cartoons for way too long. Could not keep my eyes open. Lazy or something.

    Don't beat yourself up. You're doing good.

  2. Thanks Nicole!

    I just didn't like feeling pressured into bidding on the class art project (especially since I had to help them make it in the first place) and then feel pressure to keep upping the bid--that's just not my style, you know?


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