Light. As it Turns Out There is Some at the End of the Tunnel.

After seven (or is it eight?) months of unemployment, many prayers and occasional feelings of frustrated desperation tinged with uncertainty and loss, Scott is among the gainfully employed once again.


He starts Monday.


I've been hesitant to say too much (or anything at all) too soon because, not that I'm overly pessimistic, but I was worried this was all a little too good to be true and would somehow come to a crashing halt before ever beginning.

I know, I'm a joy to keep around.

In something of a whirlwind during the month of February, thanks to the recommendation of a sweet lady at our church to her physical therapist, whose husband works in the oil and gas field and who was hoping his company could  tap into the experience of those engineers laid off from the space shuttle program, phone numbers were exchanged, resumes reviewed and meet cutes were scheduled.

Okay, not meet cutes so much as casual interviews over coffee and a few lunches.

An offer came in early March and, well...they lived happily ever after.

Fingers crossed.


  1. How awesome! God is good! I wish you and hubby the best. That's great news that you don't have to move, right? I bet this is bittersweet for you. I love having my hubby home, but I also love it when he goes back to work on Mondays lol ~ I love my own routine. Have a great weekend!

  2. congratulations to scott and all of you!

  3. congrats, yippee, hooray and Thank You Lord!!! best of everything to you all on his new venture! and yes, good news that it's not a relocation!!

  4. Fantastic! Sounds like a God thing. Hope the new job is one that he really enjoys!

  5. Congratulations! My husband changed jobs in December from a high stress/long hours job to a theoretically lower stress/normal hours job. I was terrified he would hate it and wish he had kept the old one. Fortunately it's working out, and I'm sure your husband's will too!

  6. Hurray!!!!! Congrats! So happy. What are you going to do all by yourself during the day again? ;-)


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