Project Life: The Big Catch Up

Apparently I'm the type of person that gets a little bit behind with Project Life, ignores this fact for quite a while and then finally gets herself together and comes back with a vengeance.

I apologize in advance.
This post? It's a tad on the longish side.

Prepare yourselves. As in grab your coffee and snacks.

Here's a peek at Week 7.
This week I used additional inserts of a Design B protector trimmed down & a plain 8.5x11 protector for Valentine cards.

Here's Week 8.
Mainly Instagram photos this week (printed through Postal Pix).
New this week: plain office supply shipping tags & Martha Stewart file labels for extra journaling (love!).
Week 9 overview.
Extra photos from speech meet included with flip-up adhesive pocket (so handy when you need them).
Week 10 overview.
Week 11 overview.
This week I used a 6x12 divided photo protector for extra photos.
I don't know how I managed to get so far behind, like five weeks worth kind of behind, but happen it did.

Recommend it, I do not.

(Sorry for spontaneous Yoda voice.)

Not that you can't catch up once you get behind, of course you can, but I don't like having that feeling of a month backlog hanging over my head. Once I sat down over week or so here and there to dig my way out I found myself just wanting to get 'er done and not worry about extra doo-dads or scrappy-ness. And that's okay. I think Project Life looks great either way, simple or with bells and whistles, it's all good.

It feels really good to be caught up again.
Well, pretty much. I'm now only one week behind.
I can live with that.

I'm linking up at The Mom Creative, be sure to pop over there for tons more Project Life inspiration.
The Mom Creative
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy memory keeping, y'all!


  1. can i just say, i lOVE your scrap-booking style. i'm not a scrapper at all and most of the frilly one picture per page examples i see are super intimidating. i really like the way yours look!

    keep up that memory making and keeping. :)

  2. Pages of yours, I do like. :-)
    Especially the flip-up pages to hold the extra photos. I will have to do that soon!

  3. You are almost caught up. I too love the flip up pages--good idea!

  4. I love your book and that you caught up. :) You are all going to treasure it even more as the years go by.

  5. love your handwriting! your pages look great and I know what you mean being a month behind can be overwhelming! but no worries, you are caught up and it looks FABULOUS!

  6. Can you come over and get me started? help! ha And when I saw Nana's picture....I welled up with tears. She loved you....and so do I!


  7. Great job getting caught up! You did a wonderful job on your pages.

  8. Great job getting caught up! You did a wonderful job on your pages.

  9. Really great pages. I'm a bit behind too! I really like how you use the tags, especially the one with the feet. :-)

  10. beautiful pages, so great that you have caught up


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