Wednesday: A Short List

I think a list is in order for today.

I don't really have a reason other than it's Wednesday and I feel the need to clear my brain of a few things.

1.) Scoff if you must (and believe me, I do) but Martha makes ordinary things, well, better. I finally found her home office line of goodies at Staples after only two trips. The first trip a few weeks ago was a complete bust because I did not realize the Martha items have their very own section of the store. Her products can not associate with the bourgeoisie. I should have known that.
I enjoyed looking at all her office-y organization-y stuff and cute journals, but restrained myself to only file folder labels for Project Life. I also bought some plain shipping tags because I need two hundred shipping tags to do all my shipping of important things.

Or maybe I'll just use them for crafts and Project Life.

2.) I'm doing #marchphotoaday (following fatmumslim's clever list) (like I've done previously except I totally wimped out on #febphotoaday halfway through) (as I am wont to do). Yesterday's was to document  5:00 pm, which found me in the throes of fixin' supper.
I should have started the whole process earlier but I decided to bake cookies first and that, of course, took priority over any real food. As it turned out I ended up feeling like I'd been in the kitchen for 6 hours and had dirtied washed every dish in there (okay, I'm prone to exaggeration, 5 hours and most of the dishes).

But there were cookies (COOKiiieees as said in my best Cookie Monster voice).

And the baked southwest spaghetti & roasted vegetables weren't too shabby either.

3.) I only ran two-ish miles this morning. My alarm went off in plenty of time, I just ignored it, almost to the point of me telling myself why bother getting out there at all since I wouldn't have time for 3-4 miles, so just blow the whole thing off. I'm glad I didn't listen to myself, but am still mad at my initial laziness just the same. (See #2 about freshly baked cookies, I so needed to run at least 4 miles.)

4.) I'm thinking of making an exception to my "don't buy any books until you read the ones you have" rule in order to buy 7: An Experimental Mutiny on Excess by Jen Hatmaker, like today, so that I can hopefully jump feet first into culling out certain excesses in my life. It sounds like radical decluttering but I have a feeling it will result in radical decluttering of my soul too.

5.) Did you know I am highly impressionable (suggestible?) when it comes to certain things? I am. After reading (and laughing out loud and having uncomfortable heart pricks) Jen Hatmaker's blog last night I not only feel like we could be long lost separated at birth sisters because she writes just like how I talk to myself in my head, I feel a stirring in my heart (and I've felt it for quite a while). A stirring to do something, although I'm not at all sure what this something is yet or what it looks like, for orphans. Foster care? Adoption of an older child? Adoption of a child from Ethiopia? Volunteer work?

I don't know. Yet.

6.) I also told Scott the other day that I thought it would be fun to raise chickens.

Yessirree. Chickens. Right in our very own back yard.

I can't explain my thoughts any further on this matter either. Yet.

7.) And, finally,  (how do you really follow up a statement about a city girl thinking of investing in some back yard chickens anyway?) Annelise got to choose an Iditarod musher to track as part of a class project (they did a unit on Balto and now are following the race, which is all kinds of cool).
Her musher is currently in second to last place.

We're cheering her on just the same.


  1. Okay, sounds like a really cool school project.

    I'm afraid if I read that book I won't be able to handle the soul-stirring it would likely do.

    Have fun with chickens.

    I can't wait to read/see where your heart takes you.

  2. Hello! Just stumbled upon your blog. I would say go for it to #6. There is nothing more hilarious then watching the antics of a bunch of hens! Best of luck :)

  3. Do you read Marla Taviano's blog? She's awesome - and she's doing a read-along of 7 right now. They just started about a week ago and a half ago - it would be a great time to jump in!


  4. I live in Alaska and our old house it right off the iditarod trail, we watch it every year and the mushers throw dog booties at people watching the start. I'd be happy to send some your way as well as some first hand shots of the start of the race if you'd like.
    I can also go to the iditarod museum to pick up some stuff as well...anything for the littles!
    E-mail me...

  5. Nicole: Now she's tracking two mushers, one is doing better than the other, but she's trying not to show favorites. :)

    Aubrey Thanks! I don't know if we'd ever actually commit to chicken in our backyard but it's fun to imagine just the same.

    Valerie: Thanks for sharing that link. I might follow along but will be very, very behind the group

    Thank you Charity! That would be wonderful!


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