Raise your hand if you think springing our clocks forward bites as much as I do.

Glad to know I'm in good company.

And I raise my coffee mug to you. Cheers!
Please note the bright (trust me) lipstick mark left on my mug. See it up there?


I'm trying something new this week, easing in, you might say. 

I'm embracing red lipstick.

At least inside my house.

My goal, albeit a highly superficial goal, is to wear red lipstick every day this upcoming week, in public, like among the peoples, and see what happens. Not that I expect anything to happen really, but I'm curious to see if I can be the girl that wears bold red lipstick and lives to tell about it. I've tried before and have always chickened out. Why? I dunno. If I like it on others, why can't I like it on myself? 

Hence this experiment. This Week O' Red, if you will.

I will keep you posted on my progress along with photos and the full details of products used et cetera. 

Feel free to join me if you are so inclined. Go red y'all, it'll be empowering.


Scott and I came this close to some radical change this weekend.

Brace yourselves.

We talked about ditching our Dish Network service (we can't get cable where we live, not that we really want it, and have been faithful Dish Network folks for something like 15 years). Like cold turkey.

I said it was radical.

Not that we'd give up TV (hello?) completely and start trotting into town in a horse drawn wagon or anything, but we'd have less immediate TV and we'd stop paying $$$ for channels we never ever watch. We would keep Netflix for streaming and mail DVDs and try Hulu Plus for the network TV shows. We even looked into Apple TV since we love all things Apple.

We were almost on board. I was actually more on the board than Scott (what the what?) because the idea seemed so freeing, so stick-it-to-the-man, and so. much. cheaper. He was unsure about living without a DVR and not being able to pause or rewind live television. 

Spoiled by technology. Is what we are.

In the end we wimped out. For now. We did cut down our Dish Network channels (not that we had any premium channels to begin with, but still) and negotiated a better monthly deal. Who knows, we may revisit this radical (okay, baby steps toward radical, but still) change again someday.


We enjoyed a yummy lunch (brunch for the youngest member of our family, that girl loves a second breakfast when presented with the opportunity) at La Madeleine today after church.
We both like silver ballet flats.

We then popped over to the mall, because I had red lipstick on the brain, and had to pop into Sephora and hit the MAC counter too.

My people happily obliged me because the Apple store is conveniently located between Sephora and the MAC counter at Macy's.

While at the mall I hemmed and hawed about Toms vs. Sperry vs. Converse.

My personal style jury is still out about Toms. I just can't seem to commit. Gray? Sparkles? Stripe-y? There are too many choices. And they aren't cheap (especially if you're a girl drawn to sparkles). And I'm not convinced they are all that comfortable (admittedly I have no clue one way or the other, so please enlighten me).

Sperry topsiders take me back to my freshman year of high school. Of course back then you only had one choice, brown. But I loved my Sperry topsiders. I didn't tie mine, I just did these complicated knots (purely decorative, but they made a statement) with each lace on each side and slipped them on. Did y'all do that too? Now there are many colorful (and sparkly) choices to be had, apparently a plain brown Sperry topsider is so 1983.

Converse. Chucks. Whatever. I just love them. All of them. But I only have one pair. Gray. And they suit me just fine. For now.

So needless to say, I left the mall shoeless.

I mean, new-shoeless.


Two words: spring break.


We have sketchy plans to do this and that here and there, but nothing is set in stone, so I predict a low-key, no schedule, restful (lazy?), playful week of possible spontaneous this and maybe even some that when (if?) the mood strikes.


Hope y'all have had a great weekend!


  1. I have been debating about Toms for at least 6 months.. they will be out of style and forever gone before i commit.

    I own pink coverse and no sperrys!

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  2. Yes, I "tied" my sperry's just like you did, Holly-go-shoeless (bad, I know)...I've been wearing Chucks since I was 15 and have them in an array of patterns, colors, styles..but my favs are the grays, cream w/ light aqua trim and cocoa brown.
    Now, on to Toms I LOVE THEM!!!! I have a boo-koodle of those too! Have you seen the new Toms ballet flats?! I think they might strike your fancy, dear! I got the hot pink ones. They ARE comfy (all styles) but wear those little bootie/sock thingys with them so they don't get so sweaty (ick)....
    Hope to see progress on your kicks purchases...and you sporting that red lipstick. I've only worn neutral lips for the past 18 years...hmm......

  3. Yes - we are spoiled by technology too! I think I could live without cable but my husband might perish from lack of TV which would make it suddenly not worth it.... :)

    I was pleasantly surprised to recently discover you could watch network TV free from their websites (yes, I do believe I am the last to figure that one out). It has been great for catching up on shows I missed or failed to DVR.

  4. There was a period of time I wore red lipstick all the time and I loved it! I got so many compliments about it. If my lips weren't so darn dry I'd do it again.

    I jumped on the Tom's train last year and have not looked back. I feel like they make my fat feet look slimmer, and they are super comfortable, once you break them in. You should give them a shot.

  5. I was hesitant to buy TOMS as well because I need a little arch support or my feet start to kill. I was VERY happy with them. They are comfy and I didn't get any blisters from breaking them in.

  6. Commenting on two posts in one:

    The red lipstick appears to look good on you, although I would like a bigger picture of your whole face. ;) I am a plum/berry kind of girl myself.

    I have no TOMS. I don't like the original style. I like the new flats and some of the wedges, but they are too expensive. I know there is the whole buy one, give one concept, but I don't like them enough to spend the money. You can't go wrong with Converse, in my book.

    We will never drop cable because we watch too much sports. If the day ever comes that we can choose just sports, maybe we will do that, but for now we get a whole lot of channels we don't watch so that we can watch the sports. Totally worth it for us though.


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