On Weight. And Things.

So here's the deal:

I've been logging into My Fitness Pal for what I'm fairly certain is close to just this side of forever and have had no real results.

Which is not frustrating at all.


Let me be clear, I've lost a pound or two and gained three or four and stayed the same and gained a bit more and lost 1/2 a pound and gained five and lost one. Sometimes all within the course of two or three days.

Can you say yo-yo?

I like logging my daily food and daily(ish) exercise in MFP, really, I do. It gives me boundaries, which are always good--even if I break them from time to time (and have to face the consequences) and helps me be accountable for my choices.

And for the last two weeks my choices have been much better. Mostly.

Hey, when offered Taco Bell I said no.

That's progress, right?

I've been much more committed to almost daily exercise.

I feel better.


Some of my clothes are fitting better, and that feels good, but the scale is just all. over. the. place. So much so I find myself weighing myself probably too often, which can't be a good thing. I don't want to be obsessed with the scale, or give those numbers too much power, but it's sooooo hard.

Maybe I'm too impatient.
(True dat.)

It's just terribly frustrating to exercise and sweat, like a lot, and have to wash and fix my hair more, and not see at least a teensy tiny result on the scale (and not have it vanish the next day or even later that same day).

Do I have to give up coffee? Are my adrenals overly fatigued? Is my thyroid out of whack? (I had a saliva  hormone test and blood work last year and everything was within normal range, which kind of made me mad.) Do I have to go back to being a semi-vegetarian? Group and time my proteins and carbs, a la Suzanne Somers? (Both of which worked by the way, especially Suzanne's plan, but I just can't seem to jump back on the bandwagon). Why was I able to lose 20+ pounds (albeit slowly) through Weight Watchers in 2008 but can't see consistent results tracking my food and exercise on MFP?

I don't know.

Do I need to lower my calories? Should I not eat back the calories (at least some of them) I burn (earn) through daily exercise? Should I only weigh once a week?

I don't know.

But I'm going to stick it out.

It's better than the alternative.

I guess.


This week my goals are:

01.) exercise every day (TurboFire, ChaLean Extreme, running (gasp!) hybrid)
02.) continue logging with MFP
03.) not back over our scale with my car or throw it off the roof or toss it into the creek

I'll keep y'all posted.

How are your health or fitness goals going?
Any My Fitness Pal tips? I'm Marathonbirdtx by the way if y'all want to be buddies.


Six on Saturday

I never got around to a Five for Friday post yesterday so that means y'all get an extra bit of random today to make Six for Saturday.

I'm random, yes, but I appreciate a theme and alliteration just the same.

01.) Annelise cleaned up at field day yesterday. See?
I know it's not all about the ribbons and places, but for her...it kind of is.
She declared it the best field day ever, at least until next year.

02.) I got a bit of happy mail yesterday. See?
Maybe it's an early Mother's Day present. To myself. Or maybe I had been drooling over Lisa Leonard's designs for years and when I saw this darling necklace of interlocked hearts and she was having a free earring Friday (yes!) I just couldn't stop myself.

03.) After reading BooMama's music recommendations for grown-ups (wait, am I really one of those?) on Pioneer Woman, I downloaded NeedtoBreathe The Reckoning and have hardly stopped listening to it since.

It's all so, so, so, crazy good. Seriously. I can't decide which song is my favorite, maybe Wanted Man, or White Fences, or Angel at My Door, or Drive All Night, or...just about every single one.

Perfect blend of bluesy-country-southern-fried-rock. Or something.

04.) I am plugging merrily (and sweatily) along to TurboFire. Here's some proof that I really do do it.
And yes, I'm subscribing to the delusion that 43 year old women can wear pigtails when exercising. Please don't tell me otherwise.
And y'all? The sweat? It's obscene. I'm seriously dripping by the end.
But I love these workouts. So, so fun, the time flies.
This was my second week to get at least 5-6 workouts in during the week, so I'm just a teensy weeny bit proud of myself for sticking with it almost every day.  It's becoming part of my daily routine, which feels great. This week my goal is to continue this pattern of daily cardio but also add at least 3 days of ChaLEAN Extreme for strength (weights).

And by the way, I'm not a Beachbody coach or anything and I don't mean to be pesky by always talking about TurboFire or ChaLEAN Extreme, but if you like the convenience of exercising at home, I love both of these programs and think that Beachbody offers lots of quality home exercise programs, so just take that with a grain of salt, and check them out if you want.

(Run on sentences. Am a fan.)

05.) Annelise had a soccer game this morning and I missed it. I was torn between that and a parenting seminar at our church. I feel guilty for missing her game, but the seminar was FABULOUS and I feel all kinds of fired up and inspired and motivated and convicted (we shall see if anything materializes from all of these feelings of course). Scott and my dad and Peggy were at her game though, so she probably didn't give me not being on the sidelines a second thought, but I still felt bad. Scott said even though the score was 0-0 it was a good game. Their post game trip to Dairy Queen (at 10:30 in the morning!) was an extra special perk too.

06.) After the seminar, Annelise went over to hang out at my dad and Peggy's house, as she is wont to do, so Scott and I hit the road Jack for lunch at our favorite Mediterranean place, as we are wont to do.
We didn't sit outside because everyone in our area must have had the same idea. Crowded. Is what it was out there.

Stuffed grape leaves, baba gannoush, tzatziki,  warm pita bread and gyro meat with Greek salad. Oh my.
And finally, in closing, one more little thing...

06b.) Say hello to Scott's (new) lil' friend.
It's a Tiguan.
It's quite cute, yet sporty and quite peppy.
I may or may not be fighting him for it.
I got to drive it today and it was really hard to turn it back over to him.
But with an 80ish mile round trip daily commute (plus driving to and fro meetings across Houston) he needs a dependable car that gets good gas mileage.
Maybe I can have it on weekends and holidays?

Happy, happy weekend y'all!


This Post Brought to You by the Letter C

It's probably not such a wise idea to drink a venti iced coffee at 9:00 in the evening.
Especially if several large mugs of coffee had already been consumed throughout the day as well.

I may never sleep again.

So here I am instead.

Annelise has standardized testing this week. Whee. Her school doesn't do the state standardized tests but they do achievement tests, in the past it was Stanford but this year it's something new called TerraNova.

Wasn't that a TV show?

She can take or leave the tests (at least she doesn't get nervous or worked up about them) as long as they don't  infringe upon recess or PE or lunch, which of course they don't. Plus I have to (get to) pack her two snacks instead of one every day and cook her a bigger breakfast than the norm. This morning she had scrambled eggs and bacon and a waffle and requested egg-in-the-hole for tomorrow.

I shall oblige.

After all the testing this week they get to go crazy on Friday for Field Day. Whee. Annelise, who may be a tad competitive, is already stressing about the results so far in the preliminaries. She has her sights set on winning, or at least not being beat by a certain someone, and I am already gearing up for possible drama later this week. She's been wearing her *fast*shoes and *training* after school, so we shall see.

She keeps asking me about my field days in elementary school and honestly I'm having a hard time remembering. We had them because I remember the highlight for me was getting to wear shorts and bringing a sack lunch and getting to eat outside.

Which is odd since I am so anti-sack lunch now as a grown-up.

However I don't remember the events so much.

I guess it's not that strange that I was all about the food and not the running.

Some things never change.

(Nope, not tired yet. Guess I'll try give my book a whirl.)


Hello Monday

Hello freshly made bed.
I have to make our bed every day.
Have. To.
I recently changed our comforter to a chenille quilt I forgot we had. I like it but it's a bit short on the sides so I'm debating the need for a spread or blanket underneath to cover better. But I'm not debating this need too hard because king sized anything is crazy expensive. 
Annelise was shocked when she saw the change and said it looked nice but old-fashioned.
I thought it looked springy and quaint (which is another way to say old-fashioned I guess).

Hello book I can't put down.
I'm about halfway through and have been hooked for a while.
It's something of an art mystery slash romance slash intrigue. This is the same author that wrote The Historian, which I also loved, just FYI.

Hello laundry.
Are y'all fans of certain brands of detergents? I haven't always been, whatever I'd grab was usually fine until I grabbed something else the next shopping trip, but for the past sweet forever I've been hooked on Gain, usually the original scent. I just tried the lavender scent and can happily report, it's divine.

Hello new (ish) (again) bible study.
Hello coffee (of course).
We (my girlfriends and I) started To Live as Christ, which is a Beth Moore study on the life of Paul, about three years ago. I know. For one or possibly many reasons (can't really remember) we set Paul aside (gasp!) after only doing one or two lessons (but did do other book studies). Now we've dug it out again and are determined to stick with it.
I quickly remembered how wonderful it is and can't wait to see it though to the 10th week!

Hello morning outfit.
Ages old bermuda shorts, flips and pink t-shirt I slept in (not pictured).
I need a pedicure. Urgently.
Maybe later today?

Hello Pandora radio playing in the kitchen.
My current favorite station is called The Wailin' Jenny's.
It's a perfect mix of blue grass, banjo, twang, gospel and the random Adele.
Try it. I think you'll thank me.

Hello TurboFire workout.
As soon as I finish this post.

Hello vacuum cleaner.
After I workout.

Hello dreaming about a possible getaway to celebrate Scott's birthday next month.
The big 50.
He can't decide what he'd like to do or where he'd like to go.
What should we do for a three or four day family mini vacay?

Hello thinking about starting a book club.
Yes really.

Hello writing letters.
Yes really.

What are you saying hello to this beautiful Monday?



Just a few photos to share this week, I didn't take many photos this week. I'm not sure why.
Another one of our go-to meals around here are turkey burgers, but open faced without the bun.
Somewhere under all that spinach, red onion, avocado and melted pepper jack cheese is my patty.
In a word, yum.
Second grade had their wax museum earlier this week and we made a beeline for Laura Ingalls Wilder, AKA Annelise as soon as we arrived (of course).
All of the boys and girls chose an historical character to research and *become*. They were spread out around the sanctuary at her school and you'd push the button on their nameplate and they would come to life and tell you a snippet about their lives. From William the Conqueror to Teddy Roosevelt to Amelia Earhart to Betsy Ross to Galileo to Abigail Adams to Dr. Suess and so forth. It was a lot of fun and you could tell they'd all worked really hard on this project.
Thanks to the generosity of a friend Annelise was able to borrow a bonnet and dress which worked out perfectly and saved my sanity from having to figure out how to sew a bonnet and dress.
I needed this one morning this week.
Okay, every morning.
I love Coffee People K-cups.
I love my Keurig.
Annelise would ride this way all the time if, you know, it were legal.
She might be part dog.
We (try to) limit her reckless abandon to our street and driveway.

And that's that.
See, I told you I hardly took any pictures this week. Ugh. Fingers crossed next week is better.

How was your week?

P.S. Of course I love Instagram (and am choosing to believe that Facebook will NOT jack it up, at least that's what I'm hoping) for it's fun filters and fun social interaction. Did you know you can put your phone in airplane mode in order to use more than one filter on a photo? That's a fun option. Also, if you want the fun of IG photos but don't want to publish them in your feed, switch your phone to airplane mode, your IG photos will be saved to your camera roll but not your feed. Sometimes that comes in handy, and prevents you clogging up your feed and annoying your followers if you're taking oodles of pictures.
life rearranged


Someone Please Remind Me

Remind me that no matter how beautiful french tipped solar nails look (and they do), they require too much commitment, of both money and time. At least for me.

Over the last two-threeish months I've been upselled from, "no manicure today, but thanks" to "I'll try a shellac manicure I guess" to "solar nails? sure, why not?"

I liked them of course, but started missing my natural nails and being able to paint them whenever the urge struck (for free!). Cue the soaking process and the painful peeling process and finally...nail freedom.

Of course they are paper thin and have ridges all over them, but they are the real deal and they will heal.

I think I will stick to pedicures.
Remind me that 8 year olds are highly capable of basic cleaning.

I mean, I knew this, but always figured it was easier to just do things myself instead of possible re-doing.

The other night I was cleaning our bathroom sinks while Annelise was in there too, chatting away as per the norm, when she suddenly offered to clean the other sink.



She thought it was the bees knees to swish Comet around with a sponge.

Who knew?

Then she had an epiphany.

She said she could do the same thing with her sink and her bathtub.

And she sounded excited about it.



It was too late that night so she waited until last night to get jiggy with the Comet.

Not only did she like doing it, she did a great job and was quite proud of herself.

And I was too.
Remind me how wonderful it feels to (really) stay committed to exercise and better food choices.

I think I'm addicted to TurboFire.

Like I can't wait for my workout each day and I think ahead to which one(s) I'll do the next day. The music and moves are sooooo fun, yet still challenging and the time (and the sweat) just flies. I love it! This week I'm combining the cardio workouts with either the sculpt/toning (with resistance bands) or core work. Ouch. But a good ouch.
Remind me that no matter how tired I am at night I really, really, need to just go ahead and wash my make-up off before bed (what's three more minutes anyway?).

Remind me not to listen when I tell myself that if I leave it on at least I'll have *eyes* when I take Annelise to school the next morning. Doesn't matter, it's gross.

(Fingers crossed I remember this post.)


Weekending: The Solo Parent Version

It's probably a bad idea to drink a cup of coffee at 10:00 pm, especially since I think it's my fourth large mug of jo' of the day, and I'm sure I'll regret it around 3:00 am, but for right now I'm trying to stay awake in order to pick Scott up from the airport in somewhere in the ballpark of before midnight.

Annelise is so excited for him to get home that she threatened to stay awake until our little jaunt to the airport, but I think Mr. Sandman won. For a little while at least.

We took Scott to the airport in the wee hours of Friday morning so he could fly to Maine to be with his Aunt Jerry. His Uncle Dan passed away earlier last week after battling lung cancer for the better part of last year. Scott's brother Ron flew out also and will get to spend the rest of the week with Jerry, but Scott had to keep his trip short since he's just recently started his new job and all.

It's rather awkward to segue gracefully from that heavy paragraph to recapping my weekend as a single parent, so I guess I'll just jump in feet first as I am wont to do.

Honestly I was a little antsy about holding down the homefront by myself, not that I doubted I could do it, but more that it just felt odd because Scott has rarely travelled anywhere, like away away by himself so I've hardly ever had to do it. Plus my dad and Peggy were also away on a camping trip, so I felt a little like Linus when Lucy ripped his security blanket away from him and told him to grow up. 

But guess what? We were fine.

(Of course I mentioned nothing about Scott's trip ahead of time just in case The Boogeyman reads my blog.)

Friday afternoon after a few errands Annelise and I popped into Goodwill which actually turned into a goldmine for both of us. I found a Gymboree dress and denim skirt for her plus several cute sundresses (to wear over jeans or denim shorts) and casual skirts for me. I love days when a pop into a thrift store/Goodwill is productive and doesn't tempt you to abandon thrifting all together. I even offered her a trip to Chick-Fil-A but she ixnayed that for a peanut butter and banana sandwich and an episode of Shake It Up. Works for me!

Saturday morning started off earlier than usual with a mad scramble to her 9:00 soccer game.
Thank goodness for coffee.
On a sad note, her team lost 5-0.
We drowned our sorrows in coffee (me) and orange juice (her) and split the Breakfast Sampler.
Her spirits (and mine too) rallied quickly once our food arrived.

We were homebodies pretty much the remainder of the day and it was, in a word, delightful.
My sweet lunch date and I Sunday after church (Gringos, Tex-Mex, are you surprised?) (I'm wearing a blouse I scored at Goodwill, and I suppose that's neither here nor there, but it's a louder, flowered-y print than I normally wear but still, I liked it and it was only $2.00).

Sunday was also low key and homebodyish, which is just the way I like it, and Annelise does too (sometimes). The good news is we only ate out twice (splitting one of the meals) and had no fast food, which was great but odd because weekends are usually where the wheels fall off my healthier food wagon. The other good news is I did my Turbo Fire workouts over the weekend, both days, and that does not usually happen, so I'm happy about that and hope that trend continues ( I also did TurboFire today, so hooray).

But the best news is Scott just landed, a bit earlier than expected, so I'm off to wake my slumbering girl and scurry off to the airport.



12 on the 12th {Sort of}

In all honesty I forgot about taking photos throughout the day yesterday for 12 on the 12th. Also, I'm in huge denial that I won't be able to make easy grids once Picnik shuts down, oh when is it, next week (I've heard of PicMonkey as being a good replacement for free photo editing, but they don't have the options of collage yet).

Anyway, I did snap a handful of photos with my phone yesterday (oh iPhone, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!), for no particular reason I suppose, and then decided to make a collage of this week's phone photos. Again, for no particular reason (but when has that stopped me?).

01.) Annelise won her soccer game last Saturday, 2-0. She was thrilled. As were we. Also, hot.

02.) Self-portrait. Just because. I think to document the fact I showered and put on make-up.

03.) Coffee. My morning angel. (Just call me angel of the morning...whatever happened to Juice Newton anyway? And really, Juice? What were her parents thinking?)

04.) One of our easy go-to meals is turkey taco salad. If I'm feeling particularly feisty I add a can of kidney or black beans to help stretch it further. We always gobble it up (even Annelise) and never let the leftovers rot either, so yes, we're fans. This week I had a wild hair and added sliced avocado to mine (my people were not fans) and I kept saying (not in an annoying, repetitive way at all I'm sure) how delicious my salad was and why hadn't I ever added avocado before.

05.) I'm all up in TurboFire again. With Scott leaving before the birds for his commute, I haven't talked myself into getting up and out on the street for a run at 5AM so I can be back before he has to leave. Wait, Wednesday morning I actually got up at 5:15, walked into the closet, thought about putting on my running gear, turned around and went back to bed. Maybe next week. Until then, TurboFire is my friend.

06.) Vera Bradley recently had an extra 20% off of their sale items. How could I ignore that? I couldn't.

07.) Yesterday's early morning sweaty face, thanks to TurboFire.

08.) Weeds. With pretty flowers mixed in. We need to mow (and by we, I don't mean me).

09.) Sadie. Whys you gots to take my picture Mama? Can't you just let me tinkle and poo in peace?

10.) Stopped by the bank to see if a copy of our marriage license was in our safety deposit box (it wasn't, of course). Flooded by memories when I saw our passports. Can you guess which one is Annelise's?

11.) Self-portrait as I switched to plan B, a trip to the courthouse for a copy of our marriage license.

12.) My awesome organizational skills showcased on our back counter. Try not to be jealous.

And, on a completely unrelated tangent, when driving here and yonder yesterday I saw not only a bill board but also the van for a local daycare called Bell's Little Angels. Actually I've seen it before and I always think to myself, "That's a rather unfortunate name choice for a daycare, don't you think? Yes, yes, I do" (I have complete conversations in my head, don't you?) I can't help myself, I instantly imagine hordes of small children in their denim and leather hopping on their Harley's and riding off into the sunset.

Get it?

Happy Friday, ya'll!


And So It Was Easter

I wish we could have had a relaxed Easter morning.

If we were early morning birds perhaps we could have, but alas, we like to sleep.

In the midst of getting ourselves ready for 9:00 Bible class and church, we (Annelise and I) made Resurrection rolls. This may become a new tradition.
They were really easy, quick to make and quite tasty, so they met my requirements. Plus the marshmallow represents Jesus' body, the butter and cinnamon sugar the spices the women prepared, the roll the sealed tomb and of course the marshmallow vanishes as it bakes, to show Christ is risen. Annelise thought making these was the neatest thing ever.
But take note: make sure you seal each roll tightly (not naming names, but a certain 8 year old's may have been lacking in this department) and maybe bake on a foil lined pan instead of a flat stone. As it turns out melted marshmallow is not so easy to get off the bottom of the oven. My recently cleaned oven. Sigh.

In all the scramble I neglected to get a photo of a.) Annelise seeing her basket or 2.) Annelise with her gleefully digging through her basket.

I did, however, document the aftermath.
And I don't know for sure, but it appears the Easter Bunny had to shop the dregs of the shelves at Target the day before Easter.

Way to plan ahead there EB. You rock. 
(The good news Annelise was just as happy as if EB had filled her basket with meaningful items gathered weeks before, so that's good.)

After church I announce I want to take a family photo before heading over to my Dad and Peggy's house for lunch. My people obliged, but they were totally rushing me.
Please note the stair bunnies that were hastily set out Saturday night around 10:30. We like to decorate for holidays in plenty of time around here.
We quickly made our way down the street (two houses, such a jaunt, I know) for lunch with my dad and Peggy and her son and his family, and her daughter and family.

Oh. And my dad and Peggy's new pet rooster.
He just appeared one day.

For reals.

He likes to sit in their apple tree.
I can't explain any of this. 

However he's been there almost two weeks, so I think he likes it there.

He's not the only one that likes to climb trees. My dad added a little tree seat (it was a semi-compromise on Annelise's pleadings for a tree house) and she loves to sit there. Maybe she and the rooster can be friends.
After a huge lunch of ham, chicken and dumplings, squash casserole, baked beans, potato salad, deviled eggs that lasted approximately 38 seconds, my Big Salad, sweet potatoes, rolls, key lime pie, fruit salad and coconut cake (oh my!) it was time to hunt eggs.
Annelise was ready to give it her all in the hopes of scoring more eggs than her cousins, yet still leaving plenty for Cadence (Peggy's two year old great-granddaughter) to fill her basket.

It was a bit of a blur.
Even for Jojo, Cole & Colin's dog who was sporting an egg in her collar.
Annelise's loot.
She was tickled pink to score $2.10 in coins plus oodles of candy. Although it was rough going for a minute when she spilled her Fun Dip 5 seconds after opening it.
The boys were all about the money. Plus Colin doesn't like chocolate. How is that even possible?
Don't worry, there were plenty of eggs in Cadence's basket too. The big kids were sweet and didn't grab them all. She had the best time 

The rest of the afternoon was a hodge podge of basketball, badminton/volleyball, swimming (the big kids) along with chatting, naps and Masters golf viewing (the grown-ups).

In other words, a great day.

How was your Easter?


Five for Friday

Hello April.
How did you sneak up like that?

Time. Stop it.

And speaking of sneaking up, Easter is this weekend. Say what?
Totally unprepared. Is what I am.

But, really, what else is new?

Here are a few little asides of late.

01.) Annelise and I attempted to find age appropriate and cuteness appropriate sandals for Easter earlier this week. Apparently these two things can not go together. Granted we only tried two stores (Payless and Target) before we (and by we I mean me) gave up in utter frustration.

Is it wrong that I'd rather my 8 year old daughter dress like an 8 year old and not a mini-adult?

I don't think so.

At Payless the only semi-plain white pair looked like the T-strap orthopedic sandals Carol Burnett wore as Eunice.

As in they were hideous.

All Annelise needed was a pair of L'eggs (in the egg) suntan pantyhose.

The selection at Target was not much better, as in very trendy (child size adult styles) and highly picked over.

I think a trip to Stride Rite may be in our plans for today.

Which means a trip into Hades. Hold me.

(Although I don't even know if there's still a Stride Rite store in our mall. Fingers crossed.)

02.) Scott's first week at his new job has gone well. It's been an adjustment, of course mainly for him, but for all of us too. Since his new office is located on the other side of Houston (by Intercontinental airport which is halfway to Dallas) (okay, I exaggerate) (a little) he's leaving before the birds and coming home after the cows in order to avoid as much traffic congestion as he can.

I got him some books on CD from the library to hopefully help make his commute more tolerable. He said he likes the Michael Connally mystery so far, so that's good.

03.) It was dance picture day yesterday for Annelise. I dread this day every single year, although I can't exactly tell you why. I guess it's just crazy X 1000 and I don't handle crazy all that well. (Except for my own crazy.)

I snapped a quick photo as we were hustling over to the studio. She was wearing her costume for her ballet routine, minus the cherry pins and hair fluff thing. Their ballet routine is to "Life is a Bowl of Cherries".

It's kind of a yawner.

She's smiling, but the true story is her teeth are clenched (see?) because she hates that style of gathered sleeve. You'd think it was The Rack or something.
Her tap costume is really cute but I neglected to snap a pic with my phone (I did with my big dog camera but haven't uploaded those yet).

Here's her last costume, which is for jazz, and might induce 80s flashbacks. This one was her favorite for some reason, I think mainly for the swirly tutu, the fact she LOVES jazz, and their dance is to Shake It Up (no, sadly it's not The Cars version, it's the one for the Disney show).
She declared picture day exhausting and collapsed in a heap of lycra and tulle immediately upon entering the car. I agree sweetie, I agree.
04.) No rest for the weary though, it was straight to soccer practice. 
They worked on dribbling skills, tossing the ball from the sidelines and then had a long scrimmage, which was Annelise's favorite part.
05.) How about a little list within a list, m'mkay?

* I cleaned the oven Monday and realized it wasn't that terrible of a job after all. The rest of the day I felt a little bit proud of myself. Why do I always avoid semi-daunting tasks instead of just getting them done? 

* Adding a teaspoon of cinnamon, along with a box of instant vanilla pudding (that and 1/4 cup white sugar in place of 3/4 cup white sugar the recipe calls for) makes the regular Tollhouse Milk Chocolate back of the bag recipe perfect.

* We ate supper at home (like, I cooked) every night this week except for last night because of soccer. This is huge.

* Annelise's third hermit crab, Hermoine, gave up the ghost this week. Or sometime between this week and the last time Annelise checked on her. It may be time to concede we can't handle hermit crabs, which is sad because they are basically maintenance free. We hear of people who've managed to keep the same hermit crab for years. Obviously we need help.

* Are y'all watching American Idol? Who are you rooting for? I think my favorite is Phil Phillips, he's just  crazy talented and comfortable in his own skin doing his own spin on his music. Plus he seems like an all around nice guy. Of course we like Colton, Skylar, Joshua and Elise too. 

* Mad Men. It's back, baby. Don Draper, as soulless as you seem to be, you've been sorely missed.

Happy, happy Friday, y'all!


5 Quick Make-Up Tips

I love it when people give me unsolicited advice or recommendations or you-must-try-this-right-away-you-won't-believe-you've-lived-without-it-this-long kind of stuff.

Don't you?

Well, I hope so because I have a few beauty/make-up/skin care type things to share with y'all that I'm currently tripping on.

1.) Remember I told y'all I became slightly obsessed with Kandee's make-up tutorials a few weeks ago? If you get a free minute or twelve, browse through a few because that's how I stumbled on some of these tips I'm about to share (she has one about her favorite products and several about neutral and smokey eye looks that are fun).

2.) I'm always on a search for a great mascara. Are you too? I'll find one and it'll be the bomb for a while and then fizzle (I shouldn't blame the mascara, I'm fickle) and I'll hunt for another one. I stick with the drugstore brands though (except for a long term fling with Mary Kay years back) and have been rather faithful to Cover Girl Lash Blast  (great volume) for a long time, but recently abandoned it for my new fave (thanks to Kandee), L'oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes. You put on a primer first (one end of the tube) and then the mascara (other end).

Seriously long lashes instantly. I am not kidding. Try it.

It doesn't glob, flake, smudge or feel brittle either. It is a bit odd when you wash it off, instead of dissolving it sort of peels off, which is weird, but not a deal breaker.

3.) If you feel like your eyeshadow runs for the hills three minutes after you put it on, well, you should try using a primer first. I know, right? For the last two-ish (three-ish?) years I've been using a paint pot from MAC in painterly as a nude primer. I'm still using the same pot, so even though it's a bit pricey at first ($17.50 I think), it really lasts a long time. I just dab on a bit of painterly on each eye then add my powder shadows on top. It makes a huge difference in your eye shadow lasting all day, even during the summer. Yes. Really.

4.) Sweeping a bit of powder shadow (brown, grey or black on an angled brush) over your eyeliner helps set it and prevent melt downs. I've been doing this the last two weeks and have not had smudges or vanishing eyeliner like I used to.

5.) I've been a fan of Cetaphil cleanser for my face for years. It's gentle, effective and you can buy it anywhere. Lately I've started sprinkling some baking soda in my palm, adding a squirt or two of Cetaphil and then some water and voila! Easy peasy CHEAP face scrub. I usually do this once a day, sometimes every other day and it's not too drying or rough. My skin has been smoother, softer and (knock wood) I haven't had breakouts.

I should be better about moisturizing my face, especially at night, but I'm not. If I think about it I swipe some Cetaphil lotion here and there and maybe dab some coconut oil under my eyes. Fancy, huh?

So there you go.

Five quick make-up tips.


Of course the best, most effective beauty/make-up tip is to SMILE. :)

Happy Wednesday!


And So It Begins

Annelise had her first soccer game of the season last Saturday. 

She was excited.

As you can see here.
But no, seriously, she was. I promise. The game started out a little off kilter for her because, well...her parents (that would be us) are bozos.

See, at the last practice the coach had pointed out the main field where games would be played on Saturdays and Scott and I registered this new knowledge in our brains, and that's where we showed up 35 minutes prior to the start of the game, in plenty of time to get her uniform and warm-up/review with the coach, etc.

Please note that there were two other families there as well.

We weren't the only bozos. Thank goodness.

As game time approached and there was neither hide nor hair seen of any other player on her team or the coach, Scott became quite antsy. Five minutes before game time, he called the coach and found out the game was at another field at another park. So we scrambled our way over there with all our paraphernalia (it was our turn to bring snacks and drinks) in a bit of a self-righteous huff over not having been informed ahead of time, nothing in emails texts, blah diggity blah blah. The good news is the game got started late anyway so Annelise didn't miss any playing time but the tone of the whole thing started out a bit sour for her (and us). 

It wasn't until after the game, on our way to Sonic Happy Hour, that we ate a bit of self righteous crow. The updated field location was on an email after all, but on an attachment (which I'd only scanned) and not in the main emails. Sweet.

So in a nutshell...

Annelise played mid-field.

It was hot.

She saw a fair amount of action.
I amused myself from my perch on the sidelines by taking pictures.

Scott (and most of the others of the male persuasion) amused themselves by yelling from the sidelines.

I don't get this.
Pretty much from the get go our little team was in dire straits.

The other team smoked us 10-0. Ouch.
I think the referrees called the game early out of mercy.

Annelise was a little bit bummed.
She rallied after restorative Goldfish, two Capri Suns, a grape slush from Sonic followed by Fuddrucker's.


Is that not the required diet of major league soccer players?

I had no idea.
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