12 on the 12th {Sort of}

In all honesty I forgot about taking photos throughout the day yesterday for 12 on the 12th. Also, I'm in huge denial that I won't be able to make easy grids once Picnik shuts down, oh when is it, next week (I've heard of PicMonkey as being a good replacement for free photo editing, but they don't have the options of collage yet).

Anyway, I did snap a handful of photos with my phone yesterday (oh iPhone, how do I love thee, let me count the ways!), for no particular reason I suppose, and then decided to make a collage of this week's phone photos. Again, for no particular reason (but when has that stopped me?).

01.) Annelise won her soccer game last Saturday, 2-0. She was thrilled. As were we. Also, hot.

02.) Self-portrait. Just because. I think to document the fact I showered and put on make-up.

03.) Coffee. My morning angel. (Just call me angel of the morning...whatever happened to Juice Newton anyway? And really, Juice? What were her parents thinking?)

04.) One of our easy go-to meals is turkey taco salad. If I'm feeling particularly feisty I add a can of kidney or black beans to help stretch it further. We always gobble it up (even Annelise) and never let the leftovers rot either, so yes, we're fans. This week I had a wild hair and added sliced avocado to mine (my people were not fans) and I kept saying (not in an annoying, repetitive way at all I'm sure) how delicious my salad was and why hadn't I ever added avocado before.

05.) I'm all up in TurboFire again. With Scott leaving before the birds for his commute, I haven't talked myself into getting up and out on the street for a run at 5AM so I can be back before he has to leave. Wait, Wednesday morning I actually got up at 5:15, walked into the closet, thought about putting on my running gear, turned around and went back to bed. Maybe next week. Until then, TurboFire is my friend.

06.) Vera Bradley recently had an extra 20% off of their sale items. How could I ignore that? I couldn't.

07.) Yesterday's early morning sweaty face, thanks to TurboFire.

08.) Weeds. With pretty flowers mixed in. We need to mow (and by we, I don't mean me).

09.) Sadie. Whys you gots to take my picture Mama? Can't you just let me tinkle and poo in peace?

10.) Stopped by the bank to see if a copy of our marriage license was in our safety deposit box (it wasn't, of course). Flooded by memories when I saw our passports. Can you guess which one is Annelise's?

11.) Self-portrait as I switched to plan B, a trip to the courthouse for a copy of our marriage license.

12.) My awesome organizational skills showcased on our back counter. Try not to be jealous.

And, on a completely unrelated tangent, when driving here and yonder yesterday I saw not only a bill board but also the van for a local daycare called Bell's Little Angels. Actually I've seen it before and I always think to myself, "That's a rather unfortunate name choice for a daycare, don't you think? Yes, yes, I do" (I have complete conversations in my head, don't you?) I can't help myself, I instantly imagine hordes of small children in their denim and leather hopping on their Harley's and riding off into the sunset.

Get it?

Happy Friday, ya'll!

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  1. I use picassa to make collages.. and I also heard there is an iphone app called pic collage- but I haven't looked into that!



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