5 Quick Make-Up Tips

I love it when people give me unsolicited advice or recommendations or you-must-try-this-right-away-you-won't-believe-you've-lived-without-it-this-long kind of stuff.

Don't you?

Well, I hope so because I have a few beauty/make-up/skin care type things to share with y'all that I'm currently tripping on.

1.) Remember I told y'all I became slightly obsessed with Kandee's make-up tutorials a few weeks ago? If you get a free minute or twelve, browse through a few because that's how I stumbled on some of these tips I'm about to share (she has one about her favorite products and several about neutral and smokey eye looks that are fun).

2.) I'm always on a search for a great mascara. Are you too? I'll find one and it'll be the bomb for a while and then fizzle (I shouldn't blame the mascara, I'm fickle) and I'll hunt for another one. I stick with the drugstore brands though (except for a long term fling with Mary Kay years back) and have been rather faithful to Cover Girl Lash Blast  (great volume) for a long time, but recently abandoned it for my new fave (thanks to Kandee), L'oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes. You put on a primer first (one end of the tube) and then the mascara (other end).

Seriously long lashes instantly. I am not kidding. Try it.

It doesn't glob, flake, smudge or feel brittle either. It is a bit odd when you wash it off, instead of dissolving it sort of peels off, which is weird, but not a deal breaker.

3.) If you feel like your eyeshadow runs for the hills three minutes after you put it on, well, you should try using a primer first. I know, right? For the last two-ish (three-ish?) years I've been using a paint pot from MAC in painterly as a nude primer. I'm still using the same pot, so even though it's a bit pricey at first ($17.50 I think), it really lasts a long time. I just dab on a bit of painterly on each eye then add my powder shadows on top. It makes a huge difference in your eye shadow lasting all day, even during the summer. Yes. Really.

4.) Sweeping a bit of powder shadow (brown, grey or black on an angled brush) over your eyeliner helps set it and prevent melt downs. I've been doing this the last two weeks and have not had smudges or vanishing eyeliner like I used to.

5.) I've been a fan of Cetaphil cleanser for my face for years. It's gentle, effective and you can buy it anywhere. Lately I've started sprinkling some baking soda in my palm, adding a squirt or two of Cetaphil and then some water and voila! Easy peasy CHEAP face scrub. I usually do this once a day, sometimes every other day and it's not too drying or rough. My skin has been smoother, softer and (knock wood) I haven't had breakouts.

I should be better about moisturizing my face, especially at night, but I'm not. If I think about it I swipe some Cetaphil lotion here and there and maybe dab some coconut oil under my eyes. Fancy, huh?

So there you go.

Five quick make-up tips.


Of course the best, most effective beauty/make-up tip is to SMILE. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. I do none of those things! ;) I always thing I should be more intentional about cleaning my face, but I am just lazy. So far breakouts are minimal, and I think exercise really helps me keep my skin clear. I love Mary Kay's Lash Love mascara. I just started using it a few months ago and it is the first mascara I actually feel like makes a difference.

    Fun tips!


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