And So It Begins

Annelise had her first soccer game of the season last Saturday. 

She was excited.

As you can see here.
But no, seriously, she was. I promise. The game started out a little off kilter for her because, well...her parents (that would be us) are bozos.

See, at the last practice the coach had pointed out the main field where games would be played on Saturdays and Scott and I registered this new knowledge in our brains, and that's where we showed up 35 minutes prior to the start of the game, in plenty of time to get her uniform and warm-up/review with the coach, etc.

Please note that there were two other families there as well.

We weren't the only bozos. Thank goodness.

As game time approached and there was neither hide nor hair seen of any other player on her team or the coach, Scott became quite antsy. Five minutes before game time, he called the coach and found out the game was at another field at another park. So we scrambled our way over there with all our paraphernalia (it was our turn to bring snacks and drinks) in a bit of a self-righteous huff over not having been informed ahead of time, nothing in emails texts, blah diggity blah blah. The good news is the game got started late anyway so Annelise didn't miss any playing time but the tone of the whole thing started out a bit sour for her (and us). 

It wasn't until after the game, on our way to Sonic Happy Hour, that we ate a bit of self righteous crow. The updated field location was on an email after all, but on an attachment (which I'd only scanned) and not in the main emails. Sweet.

So in a nutshell...

Annelise played mid-field.

It was hot.

She saw a fair amount of action.
I amused myself from my perch on the sidelines by taking pictures.

Scott (and most of the others of the male persuasion) amused themselves by yelling from the sidelines.

I don't get this.
Pretty much from the get go our little team was in dire straits.

The other team smoked us 10-0. Ouch.
I think the referrees called the game early out of mercy.

Annelise was a little bit bummed.
She rallied after restorative Goldfish, two Capri Suns, a grape slush from Sonic followed by Fuddrucker's.


Is that not the required diet of major league soccer players?

I had no idea.

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  1. Gosh, we are already halfway through our soccer season. A location change for a game should be at the top of an email, not in an attachment. Hope the rest of the season goes more smoothly.


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