And So It Was Easter

I wish we could have had a relaxed Easter morning.

If we were early morning birds perhaps we could have, but alas, we like to sleep.

In the midst of getting ourselves ready for 9:00 Bible class and church, we (Annelise and I) made Resurrection rolls. This may become a new tradition.
They were really easy, quick to make and quite tasty, so they met my requirements. Plus the marshmallow represents Jesus' body, the butter and cinnamon sugar the spices the women prepared, the roll the sealed tomb and of course the marshmallow vanishes as it bakes, to show Christ is risen. Annelise thought making these was the neatest thing ever.
But take note: make sure you seal each roll tightly (not naming names, but a certain 8 year old's may have been lacking in this department) and maybe bake on a foil lined pan instead of a flat stone. As it turns out melted marshmallow is not so easy to get off the bottom of the oven. My recently cleaned oven. Sigh.

In all the scramble I neglected to get a photo of a.) Annelise seeing her basket or 2.) Annelise with her gleefully digging through her basket.

I did, however, document the aftermath.
And I don't know for sure, but it appears the Easter Bunny had to shop the dregs of the shelves at Target the day before Easter.

Way to plan ahead there EB. You rock. 
(The good news Annelise was just as happy as if EB had filled her basket with meaningful items gathered weeks before, so that's good.)

After church I announce I want to take a family photo before heading over to my Dad and Peggy's house for lunch. My people obliged, but they were totally rushing me.
Please note the stair bunnies that were hastily set out Saturday night around 10:30. We like to decorate for holidays in plenty of time around here.
We quickly made our way down the street (two houses, such a jaunt, I know) for lunch with my dad and Peggy and her son and his family, and her daughter and family.

Oh. And my dad and Peggy's new pet rooster.
He just appeared one day.

For reals.

He likes to sit in their apple tree.
I can't explain any of this. 

However he's been there almost two weeks, so I think he likes it there.

He's not the only one that likes to climb trees. My dad added a little tree seat (it was a semi-compromise on Annelise's pleadings for a tree house) and she loves to sit there. Maybe she and the rooster can be friends.
After a huge lunch of ham, chicken and dumplings, squash casserole, baked beans, potato salad, deviled eggs that lasted approximately 38 seconds, my Big Salad, sweet potatoes, rolls, key lime pie, fruit salad and coconut cake (oh my!) it was time to hunt eggs.
Annelise was ready to give it her all in the hopes of scoring more eggs than her cousins, yet still leaving plenty for Cadence (Peggy's two year old great-granddaughter) to fill her basket.

It was a bit of a blur.
Even for Jojo, Cole & Colin's dog who was sporting an egg in her collar.
Annelise's loot.
She was tickled pink to score $2.10 in coins plus oodles of candy. Although it was rough going for a minute when she spilled her Fun Dip 5 seconds after opening it.
The boys were all about the money. Plus Colin doesn't like chocolate. How is that even possible?
Don't worry, there were plenty of eggs in Cadence's basket too. The big kids were sweet and didn't grab them all. She had the best time 

The rest of the afternoon was a hodge podge of basketball, badminton/volleyball, swimming (the big kids) along with chatting, naps and Masters golf viewing (the grown-ups).

In other words, a great day.

How was your Easter?


  1. Our Easter was just okay this year. We decided to go to 7:00 a.m. Mass to avoid the crazy crowds (we would have had to get to church at 8:00 for 9:00 Mass and that would have meant two hours in church with our kids). I was not very cheerful when I woke up.

    We spent the day in Arlington with extended family. We were hoping to swim but it rained most of the day. So we had 10 kids, 2 dogs and a slew of adults in a house with hardwood floors. It was loud. And some of the kids, dogs, and adults didn't handle it all well. We were happy to come home, where usually we want to stay all night.

  2. Max came home from his farm school with tales of chasing an unwanted rooster out of the yard with some of the boys. I guess he ran all the way to Texas!

    Looks like you had a wonderful day. Happy Easter!


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