Five for Friday

Hello April.
How did you sneak up like that?

Time. Stop it.

And speaking of sneaking up, Easter is this weekend. Say what?
Totally unprepared. Is what I am.

But, really, what else is new?

Here are a few little asides of late.

01.) Annelise and I attempted to find age appropriate and cuteness appropriate sandals for Easter earlier this week. Apparently these two things can not go together. Granted we only tried two stores (Payless and Target) before we (and by we I mean me) gave up in utter frustration.

Is it wrong that I'd rather my 8 year old daughter dress like an 8 year old and not a mini-adult?

I don't think so.

At Payless the only semi-plain white pair looked like the T-strap orthopedic sandals Carol Burnett wore as Eunice.

As in they were hideous.

All Annelise needed was a pair of L'eggs (in the egg) suntan pantyhose.

The selection at Target was not much better, as in very trendy (child size adult styles) and highly picked over.

I think a trip to Stride Rite may be in our plans for today.

Which means a trip into Hades. Hold me.

(Although I don't even know if there's still a Stride Rite store in our mall. Fingers crossed.)

02.) Scott's first week at his new job has gone well. It's been an adjustment, of course mainly for him, but for all of us too. Since his new office is located on the other side of Houston (by Intercontinental airport which is halfway to Dallas) (okay, I exaggerate) (a little) he's leaving before the birds and coming home after the cows in order to avoid as much traffic congestion as he can.

I got him some books on CD from the library to hopefully help make his commute more tolerable. He said he likes the Michael Connally mystery so far, so that's good.

03.) It was dance picture day yesterday for Annelise. I dread this day every single year, although I can't exactly tell you why. I guess it's just crazy X 1000 and I don't handle crazy all that well. (Except for my own crazy.)

I snapped a quick photo as we were hustling over to the studio. She was wearing her costume for her ballet routine, minus the cherry pins and hair fluff thing. Their ballet routine is to "Life is a Bowl of Cherries".

It's kind of a yawner.

She's smiling, but the true story is her teeth are clenched (see?) because she hates that style of gathered sleeve. You'd think it was The Rack or something.
Her tap costume is really cute but I neglected to snap a pic with my phone (I did with my big dog camera but haven't uploaded those yet).

Here's her last costume, which is for jazz, and might induce 80s flashbacks. This one was her favorite for some reason, I think mainly for the swirly tutu, the fact she LOVES jazz, and their dance is to Shake It Up (no, sadly it's not The Cars version, it's the one for the Disney show).
She declared picture day exhausting and collapsed in a heap of lycra and tulle immediately upon entering the car. I agree sweetie, I agree.
04.) No rest for the weary though, it was straight to soccer practice. 
They worked on dribbling skills, tossing the ball from the sidelines and then had a long scrimmage, which was Annelise's favorite part.
05.) How about a little list within a list, m'mkay?

* I cleaned the oven Monday and realized it wasn't that terrible of a job after all. The rest of the day I felt a little bit proud of myself. Why do I always avoid semi-daunting tasks instead of just getting them done? 

* Adding a teaspoon of cinnamon, along with a box of instant vanilla pudding (that and 1/4 cup white sugar in place of 3/4 cup white sugar the recipe calls for) makes the regular Tollhouse Milk Chocolate back of the bag recipe perfect.

* We ate supper at home (like, I cooked) every night this week except for last night because of soccer. This is huge.

* Annelise's third hermit crab, Hermoine, gave up the ghost this week. Or sometime between this week and the last time Annelise checked on her. It may be time to concede we can't handle hermit crabs, which is sad because they are basically maintenance free. We hear of people who've managed to keep the same hermit crab for years. Obviously we need help.

* Are y'all watching American Idol? Who are you rooting for? I think my favorite is Phil Phillips, he's just  crazy talented and comfortable in his own skin doing his own spin on his music. Plus he seems like an all around nice guy. Of course we like Colton, Skylar, Joshua and Elise too. 

* Mad Men. It's back, baby. Don Draper, as soulless as you seem to be, you've been sorely missed.

Happy, happy Friday, y'all!


  1. Oh, shoes. I SO feel your pain. It is ridiculous what is available.

    Welcome to our world with Scott's commute. Greg always gets up at an unearthly hour to avoid traffic. It's crazy.

    Dance picture is this next week for us. Heaven help me.

  2. I have Shake It Up (The Cars version) in my head now!

    I'm going to try the cookies that way...

    I'm rooting for Phillip P too. He reminds me a lot of Mike except for the crazy expressions while he plays guitar. He knows who he is, though - that's refreshing on stage. I thought the duets this week were really fun to watch.

  3. I have to say that I am so sorry for your foot injury but happy that you dodn't actually come to N.O. for the race and just not contact me! I took a break for Lent and am just now getting back...so out the loop. I hope it is feeling better. And I saw your post about the homemade sidewalk chalk...I am SO trying that! Happy Easter!

  4. We got cute flats at Payless a few weeks ago, and my 10 yo got some silver sandals, but they had a slight wedge heel. And I resisted that at age 8 still, so I feel you.

    Don Draper is such a jerk but I still want him to turn out to be not a jerk. That show is fascinating. I wouldn't like most of those people in real life but I keep rooting for them anyway.


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