Hello Monday

Hello freshly made bed.
I have to make our bed every day.
Have. To.
I recently changed our comforter to a chenille quilt I forgot we had. I like it but it's a bit short on the sides so I'm debating the need for a spread or blanket underneath to cover better. But I'm not debating this need too hard because king sized anything is crazy expensive. 
Annelise was shocked when she saw the change and said it looked nice but old-fashioned.
I thought it looked springy and quaint (which is another way to say old-fashioned I guess).

Hello book I can't put down.
I'm about halfway through and have been hooked for a while.
It's something of an art mystery slash romance slash intrigue. This is the same author that wrote The Historian, which I also loved, just FYI.

Hello laundry.
Are y'all fans of certain brands of detergents? I haven't always been, whatever I'd grab was usually fine until I grabbed something else the next shopping trip, but for the past sweet forever I've been hooked on Gain, usually the original scent. I just tried the lavender scent and can happily report, it's divine.

Hello new (ish) (again) bible study.
Hello coffee (of course).
We (my girlfriends and I) started To Live as Christ, which is a Beth Moore study on the life of Paul, about three years ago. I know. For one or possibly many reasons (can't really remember) we set Paul aside (gasp!) after only doing one or two lessons (but did do other book studies). Now we've dug it out again and are determined to stick with it.
I quickly remembered how wonderful it is and can't wait to see it though to the 10th week!

Hello morning outfit.
Ages old bermuda shorts, flips and pink t-shirt I slept in (not pictured).
I need a pedicure. Urgently.
Maybe later today?

Hello Pandora radio playing in the kitchen.
My current favorite station is called The Wailin' Jenny's.
It's a perfect mix of blue grass, banjo, twang, gospel and the random Adele.
Try it. I think you'll thank me.

Hello TurboFire workout.
As soon as I finish this post.

Hello vacuum cleaner.
After I workout.

Hello dreaming about a possible getaway to celebrate Scott's birthday next month.
The big 50.
He can't decide what he'd like to do or where he'd like to go.
What should we do for a three or four day family mini vacay?

Hello thinking about starting a book club.
Yes really.

Hello writing letters.
Yes really.

What are you saying hello to this beautiful Monday?

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  1. After making breakfast and lunch for school kids, I said hello to my bed again! Kind, generous husband kept the little ones out of our room and I got some more sleep. I'm so tired I was able to sleep through roofing work being done on the house behind us!

    You mean a book club for the blog? I would participate!


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