Just a few photos to share this week, I didn't take many photos this week. I'm not sure why.
Another one of our go-to meals around here are turkey burgers, but open faced without the bun.
Somewhere under all that spinach, red onion, avocado and melted pepper jack cheese is my patty.
In a word, yum.
Second grade had their wax museum earlier this week and we made a beeline for Laura Ingalls Wilder, AKA Annelise as soon as we arrived (of course).
All of the boys and girls chose an historical character to research and *become*. They were spread out around the sanctuary at her school and you'd push the button on their nameplate and they would come to life and tell you a snippet about their lives. From William the Conqueror to Teddy Roosevelt to Amelia Earhart to Betsy Ross to Galileo to Abigail Adams to Dr. Suess and so forth. It was a lot of fun and you could tell they'd all worked really hard on this project.
Thanks to the generosity of a friend Annelise was able to borrow a bonnet and dress which worked out perfectly and saved my sanity from having to figure out how to sew a bonnet and dress.
I needed this one morning this week.
Okay, every morning.
I love Coffee People K-cups.
I love my Keurig.
Annelise would ride this way all the time if, you know, it were legal.
She might be part dog.
We (try to) limit her reckless abandon to our street and driveway.

And that's that.
See, I told you I hardly took any pictures this week. Ugh. Fingers crossed next week is better.

How was your week?

P.S. Of course I love Instagram (and am choosing to believe that Facebook will NOT jack it up, at least that's what I'm hoping) for it's fun filters and fun social interaction. Did you know you can put your phone in airplane mode in order to use more than one filter on a photo? That's a fun option. Also, if you want the fun of IG photos but don't want to publish them in your feed, switch your phone to airplane mode, your IG photos will be saved to your camera roll but not your feed. Sometimes that comes in handy, and prevents you clogging up your feed and annoying your followers if you're taking oodles of pictures.
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  1. yay!! so glad the dress and bonnet worked out!! I bet that was a fun museum to visit!


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